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  • Big Data and the Internet of Things in Edge Computing for Smart City

    - Rok 2019

    Requests expressing collective human expectations and outcomes from city service tasks can be partially satisfied by processing Big Data provided to a city cloud via the Internet of Things. To improve the efficiency of the city clouds an edge computing has been introduced regarding Big Data mining. This intelligent and efficient distributed system can be developed for citizens that are supposed to be informed and educated by the...

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  • Harmony Search for Data Mining with Big Data

    - Rok 2016

    In this paper, some harmony search algorithms have been proposed for data mining with big data. Three areas of big data processing have been studied to apply new metaheuristics. The first problem is related to MapReduce architecture that can be supported by a team of harmony search agents in grid infrastructure. The second dilemma involves development of harmony search in preprocessing of data series before data mining. Moreover,...

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  • Multi-criteria Differential Evolution for Optimization of Virtual Machine Resources in Smart City Cloud

    - Rok 2020

    In a smart city, artificial intelligence tools support citizens and urban services. From the user point of view, smart applications should bring computing to the edge of the cloud, closer to citizens with short latency. However, from the cloud designer point of view, the trade-off between cost, energy and time criteria requires the Pareto solutions. Therefore, the proposed multi-criteria differential evolution can optimize virtual...

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