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  • Increased Certification of Semi-device Independent Random Numbers using Many Inputs and More Postprocessing

    • P. Mironowicz
    • A. Tavakoli
    • A. Hameedi
    • B. Marques
    • M. Pawłowski
    • M. Bourennane


    Quantum communication with systems of dimension larger than two provides advantages in information processing tasks. Examples include higher rates of key distribution and random number generation. The main disadvantage of using such multi-dimensional quantum systems is the increased complexity of the experimental setup. Here, we analyze a not-so-obvious problem: the relation between randomness certification and computational requirements...

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  • Monitoring of the Process of System Information Broadcasting in Time

    One of the problems of quantum physics is how a measurement turns quantum, noncopyable data, towards copyable classical knowledge. We use the quantum state discrimination in a central system model to show how its evolution leads to the broadcasting of the information, and how orthogonalization and decoherence factors allow us to monitor the distance of the state in question to the one perfectly broadcasting information, in any...

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  • Robust amplification of Santha-Vazirani sources with three devices

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2015

    We demonstrate that amplification of arbitrarily weak randomness is possible using quantum resources. We present a randomness amplification protocol that involves Bell experiments. We find a Bell inequality which can amplify arbitrarily weak randomness and give a detailed analysis of the protocol involving it. Our analysis includes finding a sufficient violation of Bell inequality as a function of the initial quality of randomness....

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