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  • Loudness Scaling Test Based on Categorical Perception

    The main goal of this research study is focused on creating a method for loudness scaling based on categorical perception. Its main features, such as: way of testing, calibration procedure for securing reliable results, employing natural test stimuli, etc., are described in the paper and assessed against a procedure that uses 1/2-octave bands of noise (LGOB) for the loudness growth estimation. The Mann-Whitney U-test is employed...

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  • Multimodal human-computer interfaces based on advanced video and audio analysis

    Multimodal interfaces development history is reviewed briefly in the introduction. Examples of applications of multimodal interfaces to education software and for the disabled people are presented, including interactive electronic whiteboard based on video image analysis, application for controlling computers with mouth gestures and the audio interface for speech stretching for hearing impaired and stuttering people. The Smart...

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  • Sound intensity distribution around organ pipe

    The aim of the paper was to compare acoustic field around the open and stopped organ pipes. The wooden organ pipe was located in the anechoic chamber and activated with a constant air flow, produced by an external air-compressor. Thus, long-term steady state response was possible to obtain. Multichannel acoustic vector sensor was used to measure the sound intensity distribution of radiated acoustic energy. Measurements have been...

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