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Centrum Kompetencji STOS
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  • Categorization of Cloud Workload Types with Clustering

    The paper presents a new classification schema of IaaS cloud workloads types, based on the functional characteristics. We show the results of an experiment of automatic categorization performed with different benchmarks that represent particular workload types. Monitoring of resource utilization allowed us to construct workload models that can be processed with machine learning algorithms. The direct connection between the functional...

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  • Parallel implementation of a Sailing Assistance Application in a Cloud Environment

    Sailboat weather routing is a highly complex problem in terms of both the computational time and memory. The reason for this is a large search resulting in a multitude of possible routes and a variety of user preferences. Analysing all possible routes is only feasible for small sailing regions, low-resolution maps, or sailboat movements on a grid. Therefore, various heuristic approaches are often applied, which can find solutions...

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  • General Provisioning Strategy for Local Specialized Cloud Computing Environments

    The well-known management strategies in cloud computing based on SLA requirements are considered. A deterministic parallel provisioning algorithm has been prepared and used to show its behavior for three different requirements: load balancing, consolidation, and fault tolerance. The impact of these strategies on the total execution time of different sets of services is analyzed for randomly chosen sets of data. This makes it possible...

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