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Dział Usług i Aplikacji Informatycznych
Centrum Informat. Trójmiejskiej Akadem.Sieci Komputerowej

Miejsce pracy Gmach Elektroniki Telekomunikacji i Informatyki

Telefon (58) 347 16 48

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  • Categorization of Cloud Workload Types with Clustering

    The paper presents a new classification schema of IaaS cloud workloads types, based on the functional characteristics. We show the results of an experiment of automatic categorization performed with different benchmarks that represent particular workload types. Monitoring of resource utilization allowed us to construct workload models that can be processed with machine learning algorithms. The direct connection between the functional...

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  • Complementary oriented allocation algorithm for cloud computing

    Nowadays cloud computing is one of the most popular processing models. More and more different kinds of workloads have been migrated to clouds. This trend obliges the community to design algorithms which could optimize the usage of cloud resources and be more effiient and effective. The paper proposes a new model of workload allocation which bases on the complementarity relation and analyzes it. An example of a case of use is shown...

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  • Automatic Discovery of IaaS Cloud Workload Types

    The paper presents an approach to automatic discovery of workloads types. We perform functional characteristics of the workloads executed in our cloud environment, that have been used to create model of the computations. To categorize the resources utilization we used K-means algorithm, that allow us automatically select six types of computations. We perform analysis of the discovered types against to typical computational benchmarks,...

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