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Budynek Wydziału Mechanicznego pokój 408
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  • CFD Simulations and Tests of a Prototype Flow Control Valve

    - 2021

    In this paper a prototype of a flow control valve is described and numerically simulated. The flow control valve is used in hydraulic systems to maintain constant fluid flow despite changing loads of a receiver. The standard construction of this type of valves is modified mainly by eliminating the spring. The prototype consists the hydrostatically unloaded throttle valve and pressure ratio valve substituting pressure difference...

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  • Torque Transmitted by Multi-plate Wet Clutches in Relation to Number of Friction Plates and Their Dimensions

    In the paper results of experimental tests on multi-plate wet clutch torque capacity for various diameters and numbers of friction plates are presented. Construction of an apparatus for laboratory tests of wet clutch engagement, drag torque and maximum torque is shown. Methodology of maximum torque capacity experiment and hydraulic circuit diagram, which supplies a motor and an actuator for the experiment are described. Analytically...

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  • Influence of Gaps’ Geometry Change on Leakage Flow in Axial Piston Pumps

    - 2021

    Axial piston pumps are the core elements of most medium and high-pressure hydraulic systems. High volumetric efficiency and high working pressures are the main advantages of this type of pumps. Therefore it is necessary to accurately calculate the leakage flow through the gaps to design efficient high-pressure pump. The main difficulty of such calculations is the fact, that the gaps change their geometry during pumping process....

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