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  • Adaptive Personal Tuning of Sound in Mobile Computers

    An integrated methodology for enhancing audio quality in mobile computers is presented. The key features are adaptation of the characteristics of their acoustic track to changing acoustic conditions of the environment and to users’ individual preferences. Signal processing algorithms are introduced that concern: linearization of frequency response, dialogue intelligibility enhancement, and dynamics processing tuned up to the users’...

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  • Loudness Scaling Test Based on Categorical Perception

    The main goal of this research study is focused on creating a method for loudness scaling based on categorical perception. Its main features, such as: way of testing, calibration procedure for securing reliable results, employing natural test stimuli, etc., are described in the paper and assessed against a procedure that uses 1/2-octave bands of noise (LGOB) for the loudness growth estimation. The Mann-Whitney U-test is employed...

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  • An approach to determining tinnitus acoustical characteristic

    For many treatment methods, accurate estimation of Tinnitus(ringing in ears) concerning sound type, level, and bandwidth or frequency is inevitable. The proposed way of obtaining Tinnitus parameters is described in this paper. The method employs sound synthesis, aimed at obtaining sound which is closest to perceived Tinnitus. The proposed method assumes running a designed application on a multimedia PC provided with a special graphical...

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