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  • CNN Architectures for Human Pose Estimation from a Very Low Resolution Depth Image

    - 2018

    The paper is dedicated to proposing and evaluating a number of convolutional neural network architectures for calculating a multiple regression on 3D coordinates of human body joints tracked in a single low resolution depth image. The main challenge was to obtain a high precision in case of a noisy and coarse scan of the body, as observed by a depth sensor from a large distance. The regression network was expected to reason about...

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  • Comparison of Classification Methods for EEG Signals of Real and Imaginary Motion

    The classification of EEG signals provides an important element of brain-computer interface (BCI) applications, underlying an efficient interaction between a human and a computer application. The BCI applications can be especially useful for people with disabilities. Numerous experiments aim at recognition of motion intent of left or right hand being useful for locked-in-state or paralyzed subjects in controlling computer applications....

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  • ANN for human pose estimation in low resolution depth images

    - 2017

    The paper presents an approach to localize human body joints in 3D coordinates based on a single low resolution depth image. First a framework to generate a database of 80k realistic depth images from a 3D body model is described. Then data preprocessing and normalization procedure, and DNN and MLP artificial neural networks architectures and training are presented. The robustness against camera distance and image noise is analysed....

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