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[CAP4CITY] Strengthening Governance Capacity for Smart Sustainable Cities

Smart Sustainable Cities (SSC) represent a progression of how cities apply digital technology to serve their populations, pursue sustainable socio-economic development, and transform themselves. The urban development that leads SSC requires a growing number of competencies to work together in order to plan, design, implement, and manage the ongoing transformations of the city, enabled by technological innovation. Considering the great attention the concept of SSC has reached in Latin America, our project aims at integrating it into various university courses using new teaching and learning tools, as well as developing new curricula in all levels of the education process. Given the increasing number of competencies needed and its interdisciplinary characteristic, the curricula for SSC will be implemented in areas such as ICT, Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism, Urban Planning, Political Science, among others, using a collaborative and international network of selected academic institutions in Latin America and Europe. The main outputs of the project include the development, evaluation, and implementation of new courses and programmes on SSC to reach students, policymakers, public managers and other members of the city administration, professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs, as well as university faculty that will be trained to apply the developed ICT-based tools to their classes. Besides academic curricula and specialization programmes, the project will provide an e-learning platform filled with a Massive Online Open Course on SSC. The main impacts of the project are to improve the quality of learning and teaching tools, methodologies and pedagogical approaches in the Latin America region, increase the employability and competitiveness of the students, and for the faculty members to increase the quality of their classes by using new learning and teaching tools and new content, as well as promoting life-long learning.

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Strengthening Governance Capacity for Smart Sustainable Cities
598273-EPP-1-2018-1-AT-EOOKA2-CBHE-JP z dnia 2019-06-03
Okres realizacji:
2018-11-15 - 2021-11-14
Kierownik zespołu badawczego:
dr. Tomasz Janowski
Członkowie zespołu:
Realizowany w:
Danube University Krems
Instytucje zewnętrzne
biorące udział w projekcie:
  • Tallin Technological University (Estonia)
  • Technological University of Delft (Holandia)
  • Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentyna)
  • National University of La Plata (Argentyna)
  • Facultade Meridional (Brazylia)
  • The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio grande do Sul (Brazylia)
  • Externado de Colombia University (Kolumbia)
  • Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria Julio Garavito (Kolumbia)
  • Universidad Catolica del Norte (Chile)
  • Technical University Federico Santa maria (Chile)
Wartość projektu:
999 826.00 EUR
Typ zgłoszenia:
Międzynarodowy Program Edukacyjny
Projekt zagraniczny/międzynarodowy
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