Monitorowanie rozwoju uszkodzeń w połączeniach klejonych i śrubowych poddanych degradacji mechanicznej za pomocą nieliniowej propagacji fal Lamba - Projekt - MOST Wiedzy


Monitorowanie rozwoju uszkodzeń w połączeniach klejonych i śrubowych poddanych degradacji mechanicznej za pomocą nieliniowej propagacji fal Lamba

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Finansowanie projektu:
UMO-2015/19/B/ST8/00779 z dnia 2016-06-08
Okres realizacji:
2016-06-08 - 2018-11-07
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359 800.00 PLN
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  • 2019

  • Detection of debonding in adhesive joints using Lamb wave propagation

    Adhesively bonded joints are widely used in many branches of industry. Mechanical degradation of this type of connections does not have significant symptoms that can be noticed during visual assessment, so non-destructive testing becomes a very important issue. The paper deals with experimental investigations of adhesively bonded steel plates with different defects. Five samples (an intact one and four with damages in the form...

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  • 2018

  • Application of guided waves in the evaluation of steel-concrete adhesive connection

    - 2018

    The aim of the paper is the application of guided waves in the evaluation of a condition state of adhesive connection between steel and concrete. The study concerns a push-out specimen consisting of two steel plates glued to opposite faces of a concrete cube with the use of structural adhesive. Wave propagation in the specimen without external load is investigated both experimentally and numerically. The second stage of the investigation...

  • Badania nieniszczące i monitoring elementów konstrukcji budowlanych w warunkach laboratoryjnych

    W artykule przedstawiono wyniki przykładowych badań diagnostycznych elementów konstrukcji inżynierskich w warunkach laboratoryjnych metodą propagacji fal mechanicznych. Testom poddano płytę stalową, zakładkowe połączenie klejone oraz czołowe połączenie śrubowe. Badania ukierunkowano na pozyskiwanie i rozpoznawanie wzorców uszkodzeń dla elementów i defektów o znanej geometrii oraz kontrolowanym sposobie zniszczenia. Przeprowadzone...

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  • Damage Imaging in Lamb Wave-Based Inspection of Adhesive Joints

    Adhesive bonding has become increasingly important in many industries. Non-destructive inspection of adhesive joints is essential for the condition assessment and maintenance of a structure containing such joints. The aim of this paper was the experimental investigation of the damage identification of a single lap adhesive joint of metal plate-like structures. Nine joints with different defects in the form of partial debonding...

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  • Failure Monitoring and Condition Assessment of Steel-Concrete Adhesive Connection Using Ultrasonic Waves

    Adhesive bonding is increasingly being incorporated into civil engineering applications. Recently, the use of structural adhesives in steel-concrete composite systems is of particular interest. The aim of the study is an experimental investigation of the damage assessment of the connection between steel and concrete during mechanical degradation. Nine specimens consisted of a concrete cube and two adhesively bonded steel plates...

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  • Guided ultrasonic waves for detection of debonding in bars partially embedded in grout

    This paper deals with theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations of guided wave propagation in multilayered cylindrical bars with pre-existing debonding. The research focuses on a complex description of the nature of the wave phenomena occurring in a debonded specimen with a special emphasis on the influence of the location of damage on the wave conversion and diffraction. Experimental non-destructive and destructive...

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  • Lamb wave propagation in a single lap adhesive joint

    The aim of the paper is the analysis of Lamb wave propagation in adhesive joints. The research was performed on a single lap adhesive joint of two steel plates. Two types of joints, namely an intact and with defect were considered. In experimental investigations the condition assessment of the joint was performed with the use of antisymmetric Lamb waves excited by a plate piezo actuators and measured by a laser vibrometer. Numeri-cal...

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  • Lamb wave-based monitoring of shear failure of an adhesive lap joint

    The paper presents a study on the elastic wave propagation in adhesive joints of steel plates subjected to tensile loading. A single lap joint was chosen for analysis because of its simplicity and plurality of applications. Experimental investigations consisted of the uniaxial extension of prepared specimens. Force and displacement values were recorded by a testing machine. Simultaneously, guided Lamb waves were excited and signals...

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  • Modelling of elastic wave propagation in a bolted joint using a thin layer of shell elements

    There are many mathematical models describing the propagation of elastic waves through the imperfect boundary of two media. They were successfully applied to modelling of high frequency bulk waves and their interaction with local defects. On the other hand, the existing literature models of bolted connections ignore the aspect of imperfect connection between elements. Therefore, this paper presents the concept of application of...

  • Monitoring Steel Bolted Joints during a Monotonic Tensile Test Using Linear and Nonlinear Lamb Wave Methods: A Feasibility Study

    - Metals - 2018

    The structural integrity of steel bolted joints may be compromised due to excessive loading. Therefore, condition assessment and the detection of potential defects before they cause a failure have become a major issue. The paper is focused on the condition monitoring of a bolted lap joint subjected to progressive degradation in a tensile test. The inspection used Lamb waves propagated through the overlap area. Wave propagation...

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  • 2017

  • Analysis of guided wave propagation in adhesive joints of steel rods

    The aim of the study is the elastic wave propagation in adhesive joints of metal rods that are one of the simplest kind of glue connections. They are consisted of two metal members and an adhesive layer joining two parts together. The analysis is directed to technical diagnostics of such type of connections. Longitudinal and transversal guided waves were excited in prepared joints. Signals of propagating waves were registered in...

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  • Damage detection in a bolted lap joint using guided waves

    The paper presents the experimental investigation of guided waves application to the condition assessment of prestressed bolted connections and a concept of new quantitative indicator. The main goal of the research was the analysis of the influence of the contact conditions changes to the characteristics of a propagating disturbance. The experimental tests were carried out for a single bolted lap joint. The excitation and acquisition...

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  • Guided wave propagation for assessment of adhesive bonding between steel and concrete

    Adhesive bonding is becoming more increasingly important in joining of structural elements. In civil engineering, there is a growing interest in connection by adhesive bonding in steel-concrete flexural members. This study concerns the guided wave propagation technique applied to condition assessment of an adhesive connection between a steel member and a concrete beam. Various states of degradation were considered by producing...

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