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Analytical design method of reverse curves


The paper deals with a new approach relating to the design of the region of railway track direction alteration adapted to Mobile Satellite Measurements technique. The method may be particularly useful in situations when both the straights of the route directions cannot be connected in an elementary way using a circular arc with transition curves; this also refers to the application of a compound curve. Thus the only solution becomes the application of two circular arcs of opposite curvature signs to the geometric system, i.e. the use of an inverse curve. The solution of the design problem takes advantage of a mathematical notation and concentrates on the determination of universal equations describing the entire geometric system. This is a sequential operation involving successive parts of the system. The presented method has been illustrated by appropriate calculation examples.

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Przegląd Komunikacyjny strony 14 - 25,
ISSN: 0033-2232
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Koc W.: Analytical design method of reverse curves// Przegląd Komunikacyjny. -., nr. 6 (2016), s.14-25
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