Application of the expanded clay aggregate in form of granular materials for water treatment


The paper aimed to evaluate the efficiency of Filtralite MonoMulti compared to the conventional dual-media filter beds comprising silica sand layer covered with anthracite coal. Filtralite media are composed of processed (expanded), highly porous clay products characterized by relatively rough grain surfaces. In order to compare these different media filters in a reliable way, the pilot filter columns operated in parallel, under the exactly same conditions and with comparable feed water. The granular bed filtration applied in the studied columns consists of: Filtralite NC (0.8–1.6 mm) on top of Filtralite HC (1.5–2.5 mm) vs. anthracite coal (1.4–2.5 mm) on top of sand layer (0.8–1.4 mm). The pilot plant was built in the Gdańsk Water Treatment Plant (northern Poland). It was used to create an experimental database for carrying out the comparison of water quality parameters using both conventional and alternative granular materials employed in dual-media filtration.

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Tytuł wydania: IV International Scientific and Technical Conference strony 23 - 24
Język: angielski
Rok wydania: 2017
Opis bibliograficzny: Drewnowski J., Łagód G.: Application of the expanded clay aggregate in form of granular materials for water treatment// IV International Scientific and Technical Conference/ ed. Professor M. Zgurovsky, D.E., Academician NAS of Ukraine, Kiev: Kozar M.– K.:NTUU «"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"», 2017, s.23-24
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