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Applying of Doped Graphene Oxide Coatings for Corrosion Prevention


INTRODUCTION Graphene is a carbonaceous material characterized by extraordinary properties (high electron mobility, high surface area, high mechanical strength of 1100 GPa, very dense network hindering the passage of even the smallest helium atoms) [1]. Therefore, it found many applications, also as an anti-corrosive layer [2]. Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) is one of the methods to deposit coatings. However, due to slight solubility graphene in solvent, deposition by this technique is difficult. Because of presence of oxygen functional groups, graphene oxide is alternative material. Electrophoretically deposited graphene oxide coatings protect substrate from corrosion effectively [3], but parameters of EPD affect significantly on the quality of coatings [4]. Additionally, presence of oxygen functional groups enhances wettability, and thus accelerates corrosion [5]. One of the methods of corrosion prevention is applying of corrosion inhibitors. Their protective properties are associated with among others presence of heteroatoms in the structure [6], Therefore, introduction of nitrogen into graphene oxide structure could be improve its anti-corrosive properties. To the best of our knowledge, using electrophoretically deposited nitrogen-doped graphene oxide coating as anti-corrosive coating has not been reported yet. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Hydrothermal introduction of nitrogen in the graphene oxide structure reduced of oxygen content in sample. This is also the result of reaction between carboxyl groups and ammonia solution. This behavior resulted in a reduced in hydrophilocity. Additionally coatings not shown any imperfections. Such features can have a beneficial effect on anti-corrosive properties. A slight improvement of corrosion resistance of coating indicate, that electrophoretically deposited coatings may be prevent corrosion. CONCLUSION Doping of graphene oxide was synthesized successfully by the hydrothermal method. This was proven by the appearance of new peaks associated with nitrogen functional groups on the FTIR spectrum for NGO samples. XPS measurement confirmed reduction of oxygen content, at the same time causing inconsiderable growth of contact angle. N10GO coating showed corrosion resistance and protect copper substrate in chloride environment.

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Karolina O., Jakub K., Lieder M.: Applying of Doped Graphene Oxide Coatings for Corrosion Prevention// / : , 2019,
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