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Art and Healthcare - Healing Potential of Artistic Interventions in Medical Settings


The stereotype of a machine for healing seems to be well rooted in common thinking and social perception of hospital buildings. The technological aspect of healthcare architecture has been influenced for several years by three major factors. The first is linked to the necessity of providing safety and security in the environment of elevated epidemiological risk. The second concerns the need for incorporating advanced technology required for medical equipment and building infrastructure. Finally, the third relates to Cartesian dualism in medical sciences. Fortunately, healthcare architecture of 21st-century is in the process of dynamic transformations resulting from the change in approach to patients. The holistic perspective gradually enters into medical sciences, and as a result a patient is perceived as a human being whose needs are discussed on three equally important dimensions: biological, social and psychological. The new trend has influenced the design process of contemporary hospitals. One can observe a turn from the primacy of medical technology over environmental conditions towards the balance between medical requirements and psychological and social needs of hospital users. The research on the impact of hospital environment on therapeutic process gave rise to a new trend of incorporating arts into the space and form of medical facilities. Both architecture and interior design details are more carefully negotiated in terms of aesthetics. Designers expand the possibilities of exhibiting visual art in functional and spatial arrangement. The initiatives introducing artistic objects, installations and activities into medical spaces aim at increasing the efficiency of medical services, transforming the image of sterile hospital architecture and introducing high quality public space. These interventions generate the impact both on micro and macro scales and they concern several fields of activity and forms of art. The paper presents the scope of possibilities for introducing art into contemporary medical spaces and discusses the influence of selected solutions incorporating artistic interventions on healthcare users.


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Awtuch A., Gębczyńska-Janowicz A..: Art and Healthcare - Healing Potential of Artistic Interventions in Medical Settings, W: , 2017, ,.
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1088/1757-899x/245/4/042037
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