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Artificial Intelligence Aided Architectural Design


Tools and methods used by architects always had an impact on the way building were designed. With the change in design methods and new approaches towards creation process, they became more than ever before crucial elements of the creation process. The automation of architects work has started with computational functions that were introduced to traditional computer-aided design tools. Nowadays architects tend to use specified tools that suit their specific needs. In some cases, they use artificial intelligence. Despite many similarities, they have different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore the change in the design process is more visible and unseen before solution are brought in the discipline. The article presents methods of applying the selected artificial intelligence algorithms: swarm intelligence, neural networks and evolutionary algorithms in the architectural practice by authors. Additionally research shows the methods of analogue data input and output approaches, based on vision and robotics, which in future combined with intelligence based algorithms, might simplify architects everyday practice. Presented techniques allow new spatial solutions to emerge with relatively simple intelligent based algorithms, from which many could be only accomplished with dedicated software. Popularization of the following methods among architects, will result in more intuitive, general use design tools.

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Computing for a better tomorrow strony 77 - 84
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Cudzik J., Radziszewski K.: Artificial Intelligence Aided Architectural Design// Computing for a better tomorrow/ ed. Anetta Kępczyńska-Walczak and Sebastian Białkowski Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering Lodz University of Technology : eCAADe (Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe) and Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, Lodz University of Technology. , 2018, s.77-84
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