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Biological hazards in low noise, poroelastic road surfaces


Drainage pavements as well as poroelastic pavements ("PERS") are a very efficient way to decrease traffic noise by reducing tire/road noise at the source as well as noise propagation over the road surface. Many noise generating mechanisms at the tire/road interface are very much reduced by road porosity (pipe resonance, "air pumping", Helmholtz resonance and the horn effect). A well-designed porous or poroelastic road surface may decrease tire/road noise by as much as 10dB in comparison to a "typical" road surface Stone Mastics Asphalt 12 mm. There are also problems and potential problems associated with porous surfaces. Probably the most important one is clogging. Most research on clogging concentrates only on its effect on noise reduction potential. However, there are some concerns related to biohazards caused by formation of biofilm resulting from adhesis and the growth of microorganisms on the surface and in the porous structure. In practice, all surfaces may be subjected to colonizing processes performed by live microorganisms. The presence of humidity in voids is particularly favora-ble for the development of microorganisms. Owing to that, they can easily adjust to different extreme surrounding conditions. The paper describes certain tests of microorganism for-mation on poroelastic noise reducing road surfaces in Europe.

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20th International Congress on Sound & Vibration strony 1 - 6
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Świeczko-Żurek B.: Biological hazards in low noise, poroelastic road surfaces// 20th International Congress on Sound & Vibration/ Bangkok: International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV) , 2013, s.1-6
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