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Buckling of frame braced by linear elastic springs


In the design codes and specifications, simplifed formulae or diagrams are given for determining the buckling lengths of frame columns based on the ruling criterion of considering frames as sway or non sway. Due to the fact that, the code formulae utilize onlylocal stifness distributions, these formulae may yield in certain cases rather erroneous results. In most code formulas a case of weakly braced frames is usually not considered.In this paper the classical Winter model, developed originally for columns is applied for frame structures and compared with the results of parametric study of frame with bracing. Sensitivity analysis of critical loads of frame due to bracing stifness variationsis carried out and the method for calculation of the threshold bracing stifness condition for frames is proposed.

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Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering nr 14, strony 201 - 213,
ISSN: 1428-1511
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Iwicki P.: Buckling of frame braced by linear elastic springs // Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. -Vol. 14., nr. nr 2 (2010), s.201-213
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