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Case study of water vapour transmission properties of EPDM façade membranes


This research aimed to investigate the water vapour transmission properties of chosen EPDM membranes applied in façade and window systems under laboratory tests. The applied procedure included in national and international standards utilized for the laboratory tests of water vapour transmission properties of EPDM membrane is described. Two main types (outside and inside types) of EPDM membranes are laboratory tested. The authors indicated that the EPDM membranes should differ in surface factures. Nevertheless, some manufacturers mark EPDM membranes on each roll (on the package only) without different permanent denotations on the EPDM membranes surfaces. This form of denotations can cause using problems-using the wrong types of the EPDM aprons in building partitions, because when the package is removed there is impossible to visually identify the type of EPDM membrane (outside or inside type) from the texture of the membrane surface. The experimental results of laboratory tests indicated using the wrong type of EPDM membrane in the inside aprons in building partitions in the investigated façade window system. The designed proportion of the sd values (the resistance to movement of water vapour) of inside and outside EPDM façade membranes should be designed equally to about 3.0 (recommended value 4) to provide proper diffusion properties of partitions around windows in façade systems. The paper can provide scientists, engineers, and designers an experimental basis in the field of the EPDM membranes water vapour transmission properties applied to façades and windows systems.


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Opublikowano w:
Archives of Civil Engineering nr 67, strony 273 - 285,
ISSN: 1230-2945
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Ambroziak A., Dobrowolski S.: Case study of water vapour transmission properties of EPDM façade membranes// Archives of Civil Engineering -Vol. 67,iss. 4 (2021), s.273-285
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.24425/ace.2021.138499
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