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  1. 2018

  2. 3-D finite-difference time-domain modelling of ground penetrating radar for identification of rebars in complex reinforced concrete structures

    This paper presents numerical and experimental investigations to identify reinforcing bars using the ground penetrating radar (GPR) method. A novel element of the paper is the inspection of different arrangements of reinforcement bars. Two particular problems, i.e. detection of few adjacent transverse bars and detection of a longitudinal bar located over or under transverse reinforcement, have been raised. An attention was also...
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    Despite the increasing availability of measured laser scanning data and their widespread use, there is still the problem of rapid and correct numerical interpretation of results. This is due to the large number of observations that carry similar information. Therefore, it is necessary to extract from the results only the essential features of the modelled objects. Usually, it is based on a process using filtration, followed by...
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  4. A case study of odour nuisance evaluation in the context of integrated urban planning

    Odour nuisance poses a serious problem in many urban areas, yet its evaluation and mitigation is often omitted in the urban planning process. By identifying its range and spatio-temporal variations, it could be taken into consideration by planners in urban development strategies and land use decisions. The aim of the study was to present the application of odour evaluation techniques in the improvement of the quality of life in...
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  5. A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of corporate bankruptcy prediction models based on financial ratios: Evidence from Colombia, 2008 to 2015

    Logit and discriminant analyses have been used for corporate bankruptcy prediction in several studies since the last century. In recent years there have been dozens of studies comparing the several models available, including the ones mentioned above and also probit, artificial neural networks, support vector machines, among others. For the first time for Colombia, this paper presents a comparative analysis of the effectiveness...
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  6. A fast time-frequency multi-window analysis using a tuning directional kernel

    K. Czarnecki , D. Fourer , F. Auger , M. Rojewski - SIGNAL PROCESSING - 2018
    In this paper, a novel approach for time-frequency analysis and detection, based on the chirplet transform and dedicated to non-stationary as well as multi-component signals, is presented. Its main purpose is the estimation of spectral energy, instantaneous frequency (IF), spectral delay (SD), and chirp rate (CR) with a high time-frequency resolution (separation ability) achieved by adaptive fitting of the transform kernel. We...
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    Safety analysis of navigation over a given area may cover application of various risk measures for ship collisions. One of them is percentage of the so called near- miss situations (potential collision situations). In this article a method of automatic detection of such situations based on the data from Automatic Identification System (AIS), is proposed. The method utilizes input parameters such as: collision risk measure based...
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  8. A higher order transversely deformable shell-type spectral finite element for dynamic analysis of isotropic structures

    This paper deals with certain aspects related to the dynamic behaviour of isotropic shell-like structures analysed by the use of a higher order transversely deformable shell-type spectral finite element newly formulated and the approach known as the Time-domain Spectral Finite Element Method (TD-SFEM). Although recently this spectral approach is reported in the literature as a very powerful numerical tool used to solve various...
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  9. A method for testing the wide-sense stationary uncorrelated scattering assumption fulfillment for an underwater acoustic channel

    Wide-sense stationary and uncorrelated scattering (WSSUS) assumptions are often applied for the statistical description of wireless communication channels. However, in the case of underwater acoustic channels the WSSUS model is of limited value. The degree of similarity of in-phase and quadrature components of the channel impulse response, measured with the use of bandpass modulated signals, can be used as an indicator of WSSUS...
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  10. A new tool for the evaluation of the analytical procedure: Green Analytical Procedure Index

    A new means for assessing analytical protocols relating to green analytical chemistry attributes has been developed. The new tool, called GAPI (Green Analytical Procedure Index), evaluates the green character of an entire analytical methodology, from sample collection to final determination, and was created using such tools as the National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI) or Analytical Eco-Scale to provide not only general but...
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  11. A new viscoelastic method of calculation of low-temperature thermal stresses in asphalt layers of pavements

    The paper presents a new method of calculation of thermal stresses in asphalt layers of pavements induced by cooling or heating. The method, developed by the author, is based on the analytical solution for the linear viscoelastic Burgers model extended numerically for the case of asphalt layers whose rheological parameters are strongly dependent on temperature. The coefficient of thermal expansion and Poisson’s ratio may optionally...
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  12. A Note on Reduced Strain Gradient Elasticity

    V. Eremeev , F. Dell'Isola - 2018
    We discuss the particular class of strain-gradient elastic material models which we called the reduced or degenerated strain-gradient elasticity. For this class the strain energy density depends on functions which have different differential properties in different spatial directions. As an example of such media we consider the continual models of pantographic beam lattices and smectic and columnar liquid crystals.
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  13. A novel analytical approach in the assessment of unprocessed Kaffir lime peel and pulp as potential raw materials for cosmetic applications

    Volatile fraction of fruits is a rich source of bioactive and aroma compounds, which can be used in the cosmetics industry after meeting relevant criteria. This is particularly evident in citrus fruits, especially in Citrus hystrix, in which the headspace consists mainly of terpenes. Due to the insufficient sensitivity of analytical methods, essential oils are used in investigations in contrast to fresh fruits. Therefore, a novel...
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  14. A novel chemiluminescent immunoassay based on original acridinium ester labels as better solution for diagnosis of human toxoplasmosis than conventional ELISA test

    L. Holec-Gąsior , B. Ferra , J. Czechowska , I. Serdiuk , K. Krzymiński - DIAGNOSTIC MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE - 2018
    Toxoplasma gondii infection is one of the most common human zoonosis. Laboratory diagnosis of this disease is mainly based on the results of serological methods detecting specific antibodies in the patient’s sera. In this study we aimed to evaluate the performance of a chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) based on the use of a novel immunochemical reagent in the form of the conjugate of original acridinium label (AL) attached to...
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  15. A Review of Standards with Cybersecurity Requirements for Smart Grid

    Assuring cybersecurity of the smart grid is indispensable for the reliable operation of this new form of the electricity network. Experts agree that standardised solutions and practices should be applied in the first place. In recent years many new standards for smart grids have been published, which paradoxically results in the difficulty of finding a relevant publication in this plethora of literature. This paper presents results...
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  16. A Stabilized Complex LOBPCG Eigensolver for the Analysis of Moderately Lossy EM Structures

    This letter proposes a stabilized locally optimal block preconditioned conjugate gradient method for computing selected eigenvalues for complex symmetric generalized non-Hermitian eigenproblems. Effectiveness of the presented approach is demonstrated for a moderately lossy dual-mode dielectric resonator, modeled using finite-element method with higher order elements
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  17. A Study on Audio Signal Processed by "Instant Mastering"

    M. Piotrowska , S. Piotrowski , B. Kostek - 2018
    An increasing amount of music produced in home- and project-studios results in development and growth of "automatic mastering services". The presented investigation explores changes introduced to audio signal by various online mastering platforms. A music set consisting of 10 songs produced in small facilities was processed by eight on-line automatic mastering services. Additionally, some laboratory-constructed signals were tested....
  18. A study on transverse shear ocrrection for laminated sandwich panels

    I. Kreja , A. Sabik - 2018
    The paper presents a study on an application of the First Order Shear Deformation Theory in a linear static analysis of elastic sandwich panels. A special attention has been given to the issue of the transverse shear correction. Two benchmark examples of sandwich plate problems with known reference solutions have been selected for a comparative analysis performed with own Finite Element codes. Interesting results allowed for drawing...
  19. A Survey Investigating the Influence of Business Analysis Techniques on Software Quality Characteristics

    Business analysis is recognized as one of the most important areas determining the outcome (success or failure) of a software project. In this paper we explore this subject further by investigating the potential impact of techniques applied in business analysis on essential software quality characteristics. We conducted a literature search for software quality models, analyzed the existing models and selected a subset of commonly...
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  20. A three-dimensional meso-scale approach to concrete fracture based on combined DEM with x-ray micro-CT images

    Artykuł omawia wyniki numeryczne uzyskane stosując 3-wymiarowy mezoskopowy model do opisu pękania w betonie na poziomie kruszywa w belce z nacięciem podczas zginania. Do obliczeń użyto metodę elementów dyskretnych. Beton został opisany jako materiał 4-fazowy złożony z kruszywa, zaprawy, makro-porów i stref przejściowych miedzy kruszywem a zaprawą. Kształt i położenia kruszywa przyjęto na podstawie skanów z mikro-tomografu. Uzyskano...
  21. A three-dimensional meso-scale approach with cohesive elements to concrete fracture based on X-ray CT images.

    Artykuł omawia wyniki numeryczne dotyczące pękania betonu uzyskane stosując trójwymiarowy model mezoskopowy z elementami kohezyjnymi. Obliczenia trójwymiarowe zostały wykonane dla zginanej belki betonowej. Beton został opisany jako model 3-fazowy. Mikrostruktura betonu odpowiadała zdjęciom tomograficznym. Wyniki numeryczne zostały porównane z wynikami doświadczalnymi. Uzyskano b. dobra zgodność między wynikami numerycznymi i doświadczalnymi.
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  22. A universal NDT method for examination of low energy impact damage in CFRP with the use of TLC film

    The article presents an attempt to use a sheet of laminated thermochromic liquid crystal film (TLC film) for non-destructive testing of the impact damage (energy values: 1J, 2J, 3J and 4J) in carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP). This is a new, alternative NDT approach based on the thermo-optical effect. The main advantages of this method are a) the low cost of TLC film, b) the low cost of recording devices due to the usage of...
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  23. Advanced Hysteretic Model of a Prototype Seismic Isolation System Made of Polymeric Bearings

    The present paper reports the results of acomprehensive study designed to verify the effectiveness of an advanced mathematical model in simulating the complex mechanical behaviour of a prototype seismic isolation system made of polymeric bearings (PBs). Firstly, in order to construct the seismic bearings considered in this research, a specially prepared flexible polymeric material with increased damping properties was employed....
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  24. Advances in mass spectrometry for iron speciation in plants

    G. Alchoubassi , J. Aszyk , P. Pisarek , K. Bierla , L. Ouerdane , J. Szpunar , R. Łobiński - TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY - 2018
    Iron is an important nutrient essential for plants and critical for human health. The state-of-the art of methods for iron speciation in cereal grains and plant fluids is critically reviewed. Particular attention is given to the latest developments in the coupling of HPLC with the parallel ICP MS and electrospray ionization (ESI) MS/MS detection, usually QTOF MS or Q-Orbitrap MS, for the identification and quantification of iron...
  25. Advances in olfaction-inspired biomaterials applied to bioelectronic noses

    T. Wasilewski , J. Gębicki , W. Kamysz - SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL - 2018
    Among all the senses, olfactory system of mammals is the least characterised as far as the mechanisms of odour identification are concerned. The results of recent investigations allow better understanding of the operation mechanism of the sense of smell. Progress in this field is crucial for the development of sensor technology based on olfaction-inspired biomaterials, which simulate the olfactory system of the biological counterparts....
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  26. Alternative cogeneration thermodynamic cycles for domestic ORC

    The Organic Flash Cycle (OFC) is suggested as a vapor power cycle that could potentially improve the efficiency of utilization of the heat source. Low and medium temperature finite thermal sources are considered in the cycle. Additionally the OFC’s aim is to reduce temperature difference during heat addition. The study examines 2 different fluids. Comparisons are drawn between the OFC and an optimized basic Organic Rankine Cycle...
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  27. Amber Laboratory of International Amber Association - current research activity and perspectives

    A. Klikowicz-Kosior , M. Kosior , E. Wagner-Wysiecka - 2018
    The history of Amber Laboratory of International Amber Association was presented. Main ascpects of the activity such as identification of amber, certification of goods made of amber and the fields of cooperation with academic, gemmological and others institutions were were also shown.
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  28. An Analysis of Cylindrical Posts of Arbitrary Convex Cross Sections Located in Waveguide Junctions with the Use of Field Matching Method

    A problem of electromagnetic wave scattering from cylindrical posts of arbitrary cross section located in waveguide junction is presented. The method of analysis is based on the direct field matching technique. Multimode scattering matrices of every section of waveguide junction are calculated and cascading procedure is utilized to investigate the whole structure. The results are verified by comparing them with those obtained from...
  29. An Analysis of Periodic Arrangements of Cylindrical Objects of Arbitrary Convex Cross Sections with the Use of Field Matching Method

    A problem of electromagnetic wave scattering from multilayered frequency selective surfaces is presented. Each surface is composed of periodically arranged cylindrical posts of arbitrary convex cross-section. The method of analysis is based on the direct field matching technique for a single cell, and the transmission matrix method with the lattice sums technique for periodic arrangement of scatterers.
  30. An Analysis of Scattering from Ferrite Post of Arbitrary Convex Cross Section with the Use of Field Matching Method

    A problem of electromagnetic wave scattering from ferrite post is presented. The post is assumed to be located in closed areas as waveguide junction, or in open area illuminated by a plane wave. The object is of arbitrary convex cross section and the method of analysis is semi-analytical, based on the direct field matching technique.
  31. An assessment of health status and health behaviours in adolescents: main points and methods of the SOPKARD-Junior programme.

    K. Suligowska , P. Czarniak , M. Krawczyk , P. Szcześniak , E. Król , A. Kusiak , R. Sabiniewicz , T. Wierzba , A. Utracka , M. Urban , A. Wytrykowska , A. Pakalska , K. Drewek , A. Giczewska , P. Popowski , M. Wrotkowska , J. Marczulin , M. Bochniak , T. Zdrojewski - Archives of Medical Science - 2018
    The study involved preparing and implementing a model of screening assessments for adolescents and comparison of anthropometric examinations between the population of the SOPKARD-Junior programme and representative sample of Polish children in the same years.Additionally, data concerning attendance rates for particular examinations carried out under SOPKARD-Junior programme were presented.Revier2,comment 1
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  32. An attempt to mechanistically explain the viscoelastic behavior of transparent epoxy/starch-modified ZnO nanocomposite coatings

    M. Ganjaee , H. Vahabi , X. Gabrion , P. Laheurte , P. Zarrintaj , K. Formela , M. Saeb - PROGRESS IN ORGANIC COATINGS - 2018
    The effects of bare and starch-modified ZnO (ZnO-St) nanoparticles on viscoelastic and mechanical properties are studied by dynamic mechanical and tensile analyses. Transparent epoxy-based nanocomposite films are prepared by incorporating bare or starch-modified ZnO particles into the epoxy matrix. The results demonstrated that ZnO particles hindered the curing reactions and hence the final properties of the cured epoxy. As a result,...
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  33. An Empirical System Loss Model for Body Area Networks in a Passenger Ferry Environment

    P. Kosz , S. Ambroziak , J. Stefański , K. Cwalina , L. Correia , K. Turbic - 2018
    This paper presents a general empirical system loss model for estimating propagation loss in Body Area Networks in off-body communications at 2.45 GHz in a passenger ferry environment. The model is based on measurements, which were carried out in dynamic scenarios in the discotheque passenger ferry environment. The model consists of three components: mean system loss, attenuation resulting from the variable antenna position on...
  34. An Experimental Investigation of Pressure Wave Celerity During the Transient Slurry Flow

    A. Kodura , M. Kubrak , P. Stefanek , K. Weinerowska-Bords - GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences - 2018
    Transportation of slurries in pressure pipelines is an example of a complex flow due to specific parameters of transported medium. For practitioners, the economy of designing and maintenance is usually the most important factor. For this reason, most of hydrotransport installations are fairly simple; however, they become more vulnerable to negative effects of the transient flow which can occur in pressure pipelines. As the consequence,...
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  35. An experimental investigation on the effect of new continuous core-baffle geometry on the mixed convection heat transfer in shell and coil heat exchanger

    In the article, the authors presented the influence of continuous core-baffle geometry at mixed convection heat transfer in shell and coil heat exchanger. Experiments were carried out for a large power range, i.e. from 100W to 1200W and mass flow rates ranging from 0.01 kg/s to 0.025 kg/s. During the experiments, the mass flow rate of cooling water, the temperature of water at the inlet and outlet as well as the wall temperature...
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  36. An improved scalable method of isolating asphaltenes

    A new, improved and scalable procedure of asphaltene fraction isolation is presented and compared to standard test methods. The new procedure uses 1:40 feedstock to solvent (n-heptane) ratio (g/mL), filtration through a cellulosic thimble and extensive washing in a Soxhlet type extractor. The group type composition and purity of the asphaltene fractions have been examined using thin-layer chromatography with flame-ionization detection....
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  37. An optimised placement of the hard quality sensors for a robust monitoring of the chlorine concentration in drinking water distribution systems

    The problem of an optimised placement of the hard quality sensors in drinking water distribution systemsunder several water demand scenarios for a robust monitoring of the chlorine concentration is formulatedin this paper. The optimality is understood as achieving a desired trade off between the sensors and theirmaintenance costs and the accuracy of estimation of the chlorine concentration. The contribution of thiswork is a comprehensive...
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  38. Analiza czasochłonności docierania technologicznego powierzchni płaskich w operacjach montażowych.

    Przedstawiono wyniki analiz docierania i mikroszlifowania elementów płaskich na docierarce jednotarczowej mikroziarnami węglika krzemu. Obrabiano elementy ze stali 100Cr oraz z tlenkowej ceramiki technicznej Al2O3. Analizowano czas obróbki i koszty operacji.
  39. Analiza porównawcza stosowania przedmiotowych uchwytów modułowych i specjalnych

    W artykule dokonano próby ilościowej oceny technologiczności konstrukcji metodą wskaźnikową zaprojektowanych uchwytów specjalnych i modułowych. Analizowano uchwyty dla wybranych operacji obróbki dźwigni i korpusu jednolitego. Zastosowana metodyka może być stosowana m.in. w procesie kształcenia inżynierskiego mechaników technologów.
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  40. Analiza zawartości metali w miodach o różnym pochodzeniu botanicznym

    W ostatnim czasie wzrasta zainteresowanie produktami naturalnymi. Ze względu na postępującą chemizację środowiska chętnie wraca się do produktów tradycyjnych, które jawią się jako te wolne od wszechobecnej chemii. Jednym z takich produktów jest miód. Produkt ten, oprócz walorów prozdrowotnych jest wiarygodnym źródłem informacji na temat stanu środowiska naturalnego i może być wskaźnikiem jego skażenia ze względu na mały zasięg...
  41. Analysis and evaluation of grouping methods for effective cutting tool operation

    This article presents the possibilities for using cluster analysis in the assignment of machine tools in automated manufacturing systems. Based on the similarity of manufacturing processes in the system, cutting tools have been grouped. The objective was to obtain groups of similar objects, which could potentially ensure the reduction of the frequency and time of setups, optimizing the maintenance of tool resources and improving...
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  42. Analysis of efficiency of phosphates sorption by different granulation of selected reactive material

    In the light of the need to find an effective way to remove phosphorus from wastewater, studies on the suitability of sorption materials in this process should be conducted. The aim of the study was to examine the potential benefits of using selected adsorbents to reduce orthophosphates from the model solution under steady conditions. The study was conducted on a laboratory scale using synthetic wastewater with concentration of...
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  43. Analysis of the cyclic load-unload-reload tests of VALMEX aged fabric

    K. Żerdzicki , P. Kłosowski , K. Woźnica - 2018
    The paper presents mechanical response of the VALMEX fabric during the cyclic loading-unloading and re-loading experiments. Two types of the aged material used for nearly 20 years as the roofing of the Forest Opera in Sopot (Poland) have been tested. The results have been separately obtained for the warp and fill di-rections. The comparative analysis has revealed that the material aged in service is more durable in the fill di-rection,...
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  44. Antifungal dipeptides incorporating an inhibitor of homoserine dehydrogenase

    The antifungal activity of 5‐hydroxy‐4‐oxo‐L‐norvaline (HONV), exhibited under conditions mimicking human serum, may be improved upon incorporation of this amino acid into a dipeptide structure. Several HONV‐containing dipeptides inhibited growth of human pathogenic yeasts of the Candida genus in the RPMI‐1640 medium, with minimal inhibitory concentration values in the 32 to 64 μg mL−1 range. This activity was not affected by multidrug...
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  45. Applicability of Emotion Recognition and Induction Methods to Study the Behavior of Programmers

    Recent studies in the field of software engineering have shown that positive emotions can increase and negative emotions decrease the productivity of programmers. In the field of affective computing, many methods and tools to recognize the emotions of computer users were proposed. However, it has not been verified yet which of them can be used to monitor the emotional states of software developers. The paper describes a study carried...
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  46. Application and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys

    The paper presents a short survey of the application and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys. This area of scientific research is still developing, the authors restricted it to about 30 papers. Numerical simulations of the aluminium bracket are also investigated. The authors propose a solution to increase the load capacity of aluminium brackets with application of the additional cover plates. This study is proposed as an...
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  47. Application of Electronic Nose to Ambient Air Quality Evaluation With Respect to Odour Nuisance in Vicinity of Municipal Landfills and Sewage Treatment

    This chapter contains information about application of the electronic nose type instruments to evaluation of ambient air odour quality connected with such sectors of human activity as municipal landfills or sewage treatment plants. The authors present potential sources of emission from these sectors, characterize the chemical compounds responsible for presence of unpleasant odours, describe the influence of those compounds on human...
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  48. Application of gas chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry for the determination of amphetamine-type stimulants in blood and urine

    Amphetamine, methamphetamine, phentermine, 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), and 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylamphetamine (MDEA) are the most popular amphetamine-type stimulants. The use of these substances is a serious societal problem worldwide. In this study, a method based on gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) with simple and rapid liquid-liquid extraction (LLE)...
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  49. Application of guided waves in the evaluation of steel-concrete adhesive connection

    M. Rucka , B. Zima - 2018
    The aim of the paper is the application of guided waves in the evaluation of a condition state of adhesive connection between steel and concrete. The study concerns a push-out specimen consisting of two steel plates glued to opposite faces of a concrete cube with the use of structural adhesive. Wave propagation in the specimen without external load is investigated both experimentally and numerically. The second stage of the investigation...
  50. Application of lightweight cement composite with foamed glass aggregate in shell structures

    The purpose of the paper is to investigate the abilities of applying Granulated Expanded Glass Aggregate (GEGA) as a natural volume substitute of aggregate as a component of lightweight concrete. The GEGA aggregates used in the experiments were made of confused glass waste. In order to achieve satisfactory strength of concrete Granulated Ash Aggregate (GAA) was added as well. To produce specimens three grain sizes of aggregates...
  51. Application of molecularly imprinted polymers in analytical chiral separations and analysis

    Over the last two decades the process of development and application of a new types of molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) sorbents in the field of analytical chemistry have been widely described in the literature. One of the new trends in analytical chemistry practice is the use of new types of MIP sorbents as specific sorption materials constituting the stationary phase in advanced separation techniques. The following review paper...
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