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Rok 2024

  • Global Digital Technology Convergence: Driving Diffusion via Network Effects

    - Rok 2024

    Since the 1970s, we have witnessed unprecedented diffusion of digital technologies in both speed and geographic coverage. These technologies are pervasive and disruptive, and lead to profound shifts and transformations in societies and economies. Many claim that emerging network externalities are the principal phenomenon driving the process of technology diffusion and determining its in-time dynamics. This book analyses the unique...

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  • Global value chains, wages, employment and labour production in China: A regional approach

    In this study we analyse the relationship of trade and global value chains (GVCs) to the labour market in 31 Chinese provinces for 25 sectors, by means of a system of structural equations. We firstly distinguish between provincial value chains (PVCs) and interprovincial value chains (PRVCs) in order to outline their distribution and evolution over time. Then, we investigate to what extent participation in GVCs, PVCs and PRVCs –...

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  • Government in the metaverse: Requirements and suitability for providing digital public services
    • M. Lnenicka
    • N. Rizun
    • C. H. Alexopoulos
    • M. Janssen


    Digital government comprises all means to enable governments to interact with their constituents digitally. The metaverse provides a virtual reality environment where various activities can be carried out without physically visiting the places of interest, including the public authorities. Yet, how governments can use the metaverse is unknown. This paper aims to extend the understanding of the metaverse architecture requirements...

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  • Granulometric characterization of Arctic driftwood sawdust from frame sawing process


    Arctic driftwood can be used as an alternative source of wood as construction timber and furniture material, especially in Iceland and Greenland. The use of Arctic driftwood can help in the fight against climate change, by developing land reforestation processes and reducing the volume harvested wood from forests and sustainability of harvesting processes. In this paper the results of an analysis of the effect of long-term residence...

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  • Graphs with isolation number equal to one third of the order


    A set D of vertices of a graph G is isolating if the set of vertices not in D and with no neighbor in D is independent. The isolation number of G, denoted by \iota(G) , is the minimum cardinality of an isolating set of G. It is known that \iota(G) \leq n/3 , if G is a connected graph of order n, , distinct from C_5 . The main result of this work is the characterisation of unicyclic and block graphs of order n with isolating number...

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  • Guided wave propagation in debonding detection in CFRP-reinforced steel plate-like structures

    - OCEAN ENGINEERING - Rok 2024

    The present study investigates the guided wave propagation in multilayered steel specimens reinforced with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) through theoretical, numerical, and experimental means. The effectiveness of externally bonded reinforcement (EBR) relies heavily on the bonding quality between the CFRP and the substrate. Premature debonding, a prevalent and hazardous defect, can arise from suboptimal manufacturing processes,...

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