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    - 2018

    Sławomir Jerzy Ambroziak - urodzony w pierwszym Dniu Kobiet stanu wojennego - zadebiutował w 2004 roku w "V Almanachu Młodych Końca Wieku - Retrospekcje". W kolejnych latach jego utwory ukazywały się w: :IV Almanachy Młodych Końca Wieku - Quo Vadis" (2006) oraz w trójmiejskim kwartalniku "Korespondencja z ojcem" (2008). Publikował także w "Piśmie PG" (2006-2012). W 2013 roku ukazała się jego pierwsza książka poetycka pt....

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  • Pantographic metamaterials: an example of mathematically driven design and of its technological challenges
    • F. Dell'Isola
    • P. Seppecher
    • J. Alibert
    • T. Lekszycki
    • G. Roman
    • M. Pawlikowski
    • D. Steigmann
    • I. Giorgio
    • U. Andreaus
    • E. Turco
    • M. Gołaszewski
    • N. Rizzi
    • C. Boutin
    • V. Eremeev
    • A. Misra
    • L. Placidi
    • E. Barchiesi
    • L. Greco
    • M. Cuomo
    • A. Antonio
    • A. Della Corte
    • A. Battista
    • D. Scerrato
    • I. Eremeeva
    • Y. Rahali
    • J. Ganghoffer
    • W. Müller
    • G. Ganzosch
    • M. Spagnuolo
    • A. Pfaff
    • K. Barcz
    • K. Hoschke
    • J. Neggers
    • F. Hild


    In this paper, we account for the research efforts that have been started, for some among us, already since 2003, and aimed to the design of a class of exotic architectured, optimized (meta) materials. At the first stage of these efforts, as it often happens, the research was based on the results of mathematical investigations. The problem to be solved was stated as follows: determine the material (micro)structure governed by those...

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  • Parallel Programming for Modern High Performance Computing Systems

    - 2018

    In view of the growing presence and popularity of multicore and manycore processors, accelerators, and coprocessors, as well as clusters using such computing devices, the development of efficient parallel applications has become a key challenge to be able to exploit the performance of such systems. This book covers the scope of parallel programming for modern high performance computing systems. It first discusses selected and...

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  • Parallelization of large vector similarity computations in a hybrid CPU+GPU environment

    The paper presents design, implementation and tuning of a hybrid parallel OpenMP+CUDA code for computation of similarity between pairs of a large number of multidimensional vectors. The problem has a wide range of applications, and consequently its optimization is of high importance, especially on currently widespread hybrid CPU+GPU systems targeted in the paper. The following are presented and tested for computation of all vector...

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  • Parametrized Local Reduced-Order Models With Compressed Projection Basis for Fast Parameter-Dependent Finite-Element Analysis

    This paper proposes an automated parametric local model-order reduction scheme for the expedited design of microwave devices using the full-wave finite-element method (FEM). The approach proposed here results in parameterized reduced-order models (ROMs) that account for the geometry and material variation in the selected subregion of the structure. In each subregion, a parameter-dependent projection basis is generated by concatenating...

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  • Participatory approach to urban regeneration processes in polish cities and regions

    - 2018

    The paper presents the impact of EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 on regeneration processes which are implemented in Polish towns, cities and metropolis when emphasizing general formal and legal framework including examination of the possible distribution of EU funds for regeneration projects within the regional operational programmes. The paper focuses on different approaches to the implementation of Cohesion Policy in Polish regions....

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  • Participatory projects in urban area – opportunities and limitations on the example of 2013 Podwórkowa Rewolucja

    - 2018

    Participatory projects implemented in urban space have a group of supporters and opponents. The aim of this article is to define the possibilities and limitations of this type of spatial activities on the example of the 2013 Podwórkowej rewolucji in the development of the Edukacja obywatelska w działaniu project in cooperation with the Social Innovation Foundation and its Neighborhood House - the Gościna Przystań, where the inhabitants...

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  • Particulate Matter Production of Small Heat Source Depending on the Bark Content in Wood Pellets

    - Emission Control Science and Technology - 2018

    Wood pellets as biofuel are more and more used in small heat sources in Europe. Standard wood pellets are produced from wood sawdust without bark. The paper deals about the impact of bark in wood pellets on their properties and combustion process. Special attention in this work is paid to production of particulate matter during combustion of wood pellets depending on bark content. There were experimentally produced spruce wood...

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  • Path Loss Measurements in Wideband Radio Link Designed for Maritime Environment

    In the article, the research and analysis of path loss in designed and evaluated digital radio link for high-speed data transmission in maritime environment is presented. Collected samples of received signal were used to determine the mean path loss and its standard deviation. Measuring campaign was carried out in a real maritime conditions. The mean value of path loss reached 126 dB on a distance of 11.16 km.

  • Pavilion Hospitals Of West Prussia In The 19th Century – Evolution Of The Idea

    In the 19th century a number of modern curative and healthcare hospitals with complex functional and spatial layout were erected in the territory of the West Prussia. The largest of them were specialist centers treating physical and mental illnesses and disabilities: institutions for mentally ill patients (including addicts), epileptics and disabled people. Apart from the medical treatment section, there were administrative, social...

  • PCR-RFLP assays for species-specific identification of fungi belonging to Scopulariopsis and related genera


    Fungi of the Scopulariopsis genus, commonly found in the environment, are opportunistic pathogens that can cause various types of human infections. So far, no efficient molecular method has been developed for species differentiation among Scopulariopsis and related genera. In order to advance this field, we have evaluated performance of polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) assays, based...

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  • Pełnienie nadzoru naukowego nad naprawą po awarii i dalszą budową konstrukcji mostu M-78. Ekspertyza techniczna

    Celem opracowania jest szczegółowa analiza mostu M-78 wykonywanego w ramach zadania „Projekt i budowa drogi ekspresowej S-6 na odcinku od węzła „Kołobrzeg Zachód" /bez węzła/ węzeł „Ustronie Morskie" /z węzłem/ oraz „Budowa obwodnicy m. Kołobrzeg w ciągu drogi krajowej nr 11” ”. Opracowanie w sposób szczegółowy przedstawia prace zrealizowane na potrzeby wydanych opinii technicznych w trakcie realizacji mostu. Zakres opracowania...

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