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  • Rapid redesign of multiband antennas with respect to operating conditions and material parameters of substrate

    This work addresses geometry parameter scaling of multi-band antennas for Internet of Things applications. The presented approach is comprehensive and permits re-design of the structure with respect to both the operating frequencies and material parameters of the dielectric substrate. A two-step procedure is developed with the initial design obtained from an inverse surrogate model constructed using a set of appropriately prepared...

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  • Reducing common mode voltage and bearing currents in quasi - resonant DC - link inverter

    In the paper, a concept of separation of an inverter-fed induction motor drive from its mains supply by two transistor switches inserted in the dc-link circuit is reexamined based on the proposed parallel quasi-resonant dc-link inverter (PQRDCLI). The objective of the paper is to show an advantage of the proposed topology in limiting high frequency common mode voltage and bearing currents. In the laboratory setup, an induction...

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  • Reduction of the Multipath Propagation Effect in a Hydroacoustic Channel Using Filtration in Cepstrum

    - SENSORS - 2020

    During data transmission in a hydroacoustic channel, one of the problems is the multipath propagation effect, which leads to a decrease in the transmission parameters and sometimes completely prevents it. Therefore, we have attempted to develop a method, which is based on a recorded hydroacoustic signal, that allows us to recreate the original (generated) signal by eliminating the multipath effect. In our method, we use cepstral...

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  • Rheology of liquid crystalline polymers

    Liquid crystallinity was invented in the 19th century. It was sometimes called the fourth state of matter because of the ability of macromolecules to generate liquid crystal phases. The main classification divided liquid crystalline polymers (LCPs) into lyotropic and thermotropic types. Interpretation of the rheological behavior of LCP is more complicated than for other polymers. Ordinary polymers are characterized by a normal...

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  • Rheology of polymer blends

    Polymer blends are physical mixtures of two or more homopolymers or copolymers. This type of materials have wide spectrum of technological applications, and their properties are influenced, e.g., by the properties of single components and morphology of final material. The rheology of polymer blends is connected with the processing of polymer blends and is influenced by thermodynamics, morphology, and their evolution during testing....

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  • Role of surface recombination in perovskite solar cells at the interface of HTL/CH3NH3PbI3

    - Nano Energy - 2020

    In order to achieve the highest performance of organometal trihalide perovskite solar cells, it is required to recognize the dominant mechanisms which play a key role in a perovskite material. In the following studies, we have focused on the interfacial recombination between the hole transporting layer (HTL) and the perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 in solar cell devices with p–i–n architecture. It has been shown that Cu:NiOx : used as HTL...

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