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Coastal zone monitoring using Sentinel-1 SAR polarymetry data


In recent years the role of the surveillance and security of Polish boundaries has significantly increased. Polish coastal zone monitoring requires various approaches using various technological means in order to ensure the protection of Polish boundaries. In this paper, the authors discuss and present alternatives to underwater surveillance methods of coastal area analysis and monitoring using data retrieved from the newly developed and operational Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Sentinel-1 (ESA S-1) satellite. The authors discuss whether the proposed data source is a valid and reliable source of data that can be utilized in the current Polish coastline monitoring strategy and increase the safety of the country. A description of the various parameters concerning the data for the sea surface, sea objects and technical infrastructure are also discussed and presented.

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Opublikowano w:
HYDROACOUSTICS nr 18, strony 25 - 32,
ISSN: 1642-1817
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Chybicki A., Markiewicz Ł.: Coastal zone monitoring using Sentinel-1 SAR polarymetry data// HYDROACOUSTICS. -Vol. 18., (2015), s.25-32
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