Comparison of Properties of the Hybrid and Bilayer MWCNTs—Hydroxyapatite Coatings on Ti Alloy - Publikacja - MOST Wiedzy


Comparison of Properties of the Hybrid and Bilayer MWCNTs—Hydroxyapatite Coatings on Ti Alloy


Carbon nanotubes are proposed for reinforcement of the hydroxyapatite coatings to improve their adhesion, resistance to mechanical loads, biocompatibility, bioactivity, corrosion resistance, and antibacterial protection. So far, research has shown that all these properties are highly susceptible to the composition and microstructure of coatings. The present research is aimed at studies of multi-wall carbon nanotubes in three different combinations: multi-wall carbon nanotubes layer, bilayer coating composed of multi-wall carbon nanotubes deposited on nanohydroxyapatite deposit, and hybrid coating comprised of simultaneously deposited nanohydroxyapatite, multi-wall carbon nanotubes, nanosilver, and nanocopper. The electrophoretic deposition method was applied for the fabrication of the coatings. Atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray electron diffraction spectroscopy, and measurements of water contact angle were applied to study the chemical and phase composition, roughness, adhesion strength and wettability of the coatings. The results show that the pure multiwall carbon nanotubes layer possesses the best adhesion strength, mechanical properties, and biocompatibility. Such behavior may be attributed to the applied deposition method, resulting in the high hardness of the coating and high adhesion of carbon nanotubes to the substrate. On the other hand, bilayer coating, and hybrid coating demonstrated insufficient properties, which could be the reason for the presence of soft porous hydroxyapatite and some agglomerates of nanometals in prepared coatings.


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Opublikowano w:
Coatings nr 9, strony 1 - 13,
ISSN: 2079-6412
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Opis bibliograficzny:
Majkowska-Marzec B., Dorota R., Bartmański M., Bartosz B., Zieliński A.: Comparison of Properties of the Hybrid and Bilayer MWCNTs—Hydroxyapatite Coatings on Ti Alloy// Coatings -Vol. 9,iss. 10 (2019), s.1-13
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.3390/coatings9100643
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  50. © 2019 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license ( otwiera się w nowej karcie
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