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CSR knowledge and perception in Polish SMEs: Evidence from the region of Pomerania.


The concept of CSR was created in the second half of 20th century mostly with respect to large businesses, mostly multinational corporations. Alongside with the renaissance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which took place in the seventh decade of 20th centu-ry, we can observe a constant increase in the popularity of research into CSR practices among SMEs. This topic still remains under-researched, especially in transition economies such as Poland. We know little about how popular the knowledge of CSR concepts is among own-ers/managers of Polish SMEs, as well as what are the factors influencing the attitudes of those owners/managers towards CSR practices in their business. The aim of this exploratory study is to identify determinants of CSR knowledge and CSR perception. Data gathered during the fourth edition of the Pomeranian Economic Observatory (PEO IV) were used to achieve this aim. The general finding is that CSR concept is better known among bigger, non-family owned businesses, which are involved in a number of innovative activities, relatively competi-tive (like exporters are), eager to co-operate with others and owned/managed by open-minded and trustful individuals. While most of respondents (60%) perceive CSR practices negatively (as an unnecessary cost or just fashionable phrase), little is known about the antecedents for this negative perception. PEO IV data offer no explanation for this differentiated picture of Polish SMEs owners/managers. This calls for a more fine-grained research into CSR percep-tion in Polish SMEs without limiting the research sample to one region only.

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Zięba K.: CSR knowledge and perception in Polish SMEs: Evidence from the region of Pomerania.// PRACE NAUKOWE UNIWERSYTETU EKONOMICZNEGO WE WROCŁAWIU. -., nr. 387 (2015), s.240-251
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