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Damage Control in Warships


As a result of dynamic quantitative and qualitative developments in the maritime industry its participants face harder and harder challenges pertaining to safety of ships and navigation. Practice has shown that even very well organised fleets are harassed by emergencies and accidents that can be neither predicted nor absolutely avoided. In order to counter the occuring emergencies and accidents, and to minimize their effects damage control system is organized on board ships. Damage control is one of the most vital elements to preserve the ship's vitality (survivability). This Course Book is composed of thwo parts and covers the complete list of topics dealing with damage control in ships. Part One of the Course Book: "Damage Control in Warships" includes seven chapters discussing the most relevant topics in damege control and in preservation of the ship's vitality. Adequate understanding and assimilation of issues contained in the Book require that students represent general academic knowledge of mathematics, ship theory and naval construction.

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Jakus B., Korczewski Z., Mironiuk W., Szyszka J., Wróbel R.: Damage Control in Warships. Gdynia: Akademia Marynarki Wojennej im. Bohaterów Westerplatte, 2018.238 s. ISBN 978-83-941087-6-2
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