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Detection of gaseous compounds with different techniques


Sensing technology has been developed for detection of gases in some environmental, industrial, medical, and scientific applications. The main tasks of these works is to enhance performance of gas sensors taking into account their different applicability and scenarios of operation. This paper presents the descriptions, comparison and recent progress in some existing gas sensing technologies. Detailed introduction to optical sensing methods is presented. In a general way, other kinds of various sensors, such as catalytic, thermal conductivity, electrochemical, semiconductor and surface acoustic wave ones, are also presented. Furthermore, this paper focuses on performance of the optical method in detecting biomarkers in the exhaled air. There are discussed some examination results of the constructed devices. The devices operated on the basis of enhanced cavity and wavelength modulation spectroscopies. The experimental data used for analyzing applicability of these different sensing technologies in medical screening. Several suggestions related to future development are also discussed.


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Metrology and Measurement Systems nr 23, strony 205 - 224,
ISSN: 0860-8229
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Mikołajczyk J., Bielecki Z., Stacewicz T., Smulko J., Wojtas J., Szabra D., Lentka Ł., Prokopiuk A., Magryta P.: Detection of gaseous compounds with different techniques// Metrology and Measurement Systems. -Vol. 23, nr. 2 (2016), s.205-224
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1515/mms-2016-0026
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