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Development of polyurethanes for bone repair


The purpose of this paper is to review recent developments on polyurethanes aimed at the design, synthesis, modifications, and biological properties in the field of bone tissue engineering. Different polyurethane systems are presented and discussed in terms of biodegradation, biocompatibility and bioactivity. A comprehensive discussion is provided of the influence of hard to soft segments ratio, catalysts, stiffness and hydrophilicity of polyurethanes. Interaction with various cells, behavior in vivo and current strategies in enhancing bioactivity of polyurethanes are described. The discussion on the incorporation of biomolecules and growth factors, surface modifications, and obtaining polyurethane-ceramics composites strategies is held. The main emphasis is placed on the progress of polyurethane applications in bone regeneration, including bone void fillers, shape memory scaffolds, and drug carrier.


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Michalina Mallach, Justyna Kucińska-Lipka, Ilona Kalaszczyńska, Helena Janik. (2017). Development of polyurethanes for bone repair, 80, 736-747.

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Mallach M., Kucińska-Lipka J., Kalaszczyńska I., Janik H.: Development of polyurethanes for bone repair// Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications. -Vol. 80, (2017), s.736-747

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