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Domestic ORC micro-CHP combined with a commercial gas boiler


The chapter presents the results of experimental studies conducted during the launch of the first in Poland demonstration prototype of the micro ORC coupled to a domestic gas boiler. The accomplished studies indicated the possibility for the ORC module to work with such boiler (autonomous source of heat) with a prototype single-stage axial micro turbine as the expansion machine. Confirmation of that fact has been delineated in the recorded temperature and pressure in characteristic points of the steam cycle, as well as the rates of heat, turbine power and the power of generated electricity. The prototype of the micro CHP is innovative due to the compactness of the system, mobility and dedicated solutions of heat exchangers such as evaporator and condenser. Domestic gas boiler, fitted with a steam turbine with ethanol as the working fluid, can be called the third generation boiler, where electricity is produced as a byproduct sufficient to cover the needs of the individual household.

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rozdział, artykuł w książce - dziele zbiorowym /podręczniku o zasięgu krajowym
Tytuł wydania:
W : Aktualne Zagadnienia Energetyki. T. 2 strony 315 - 326
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Mikielewicz D., Wajs J., Mikielewicz J., Bajor M.: Domestic ORC micro-CHP combined with a commercial gas boiler// W : Aktualne Zagadnienia Energetyki. T. 2/ ed. K. Wójs, P. Szulc Wrocław: OFICYNA WYDAWNICZA POLITECHNIKI WROCŁAWSKIEJ, 2014, s.315-326
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