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Expedited Yield Optimization of Narrow- and Multi-Band Antennas Using Performance-Driven Surrogates


Uncertainty quantification is an important aspect of engineering design, also pertaining to the development and performance evaluation of antenna systems. Manufacturing tolerances as well as other types of uncertainties, related to material parameters (e.g., substrate permittivity) or operating conditions (e.g., bending) may affect the antenna characteristics. In the case of narrow- or multi-band antennas, this usually leads to frequency shifts of the operating bands. Quantifying these effects is imperative to adequately assess the design quality, either in terms of the statistical moments of the performance parameters or the yield. Reducing the antenna sensitivity to parameter deviations is even more essential when increasing the probability of the system satisfying the prescribed requirements is of concern. The prerequisite of such procedures is statistical analysis, normally carried out at the level of full-wave electromagnetic (EM) analysis. While necessary to ensure reliability, it entails considerable computational expenses, often prohibitive. Following the recently fostered concept of constrained modeling, this paper proposes a simple technique for rapid surrogate-assisted yield optimization of narrow- and multi-band antennas. The keystone of the approach is an appropriate definition of the optimization domain. This is realized by considering a few pre-optimized designs that represent the directions of the major changes of the antenna resonant frequencies and operating bands. Due to a small volume of such a domain, an accurate replacement model can be established therein using a small number of training samples, and employed to improve the antenna yield. Verification results obtained for a ring-slot antenna, a dual-band and a triple-band uniplanar dipoles indicate that the optimization process can be accomplished at low cost of a few dozen of EM simulations: 62, 74 and 132 EM simulations, respectively. Result reliability is validated through comparisons with EM-based Monte Carlo simulations.


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Opublikowano w:
IEEE Access nr 8, strony 143104 - 143113,
ISSN: 2169-3536
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Pietrenko-Dąbrowska A., Kozieł S., Al-Hasan M.: Expedited Yield Optimization of Narrow- and Multi-Band Antennas Using Performance-Driven Surrogates// IEEE Access -Vol. 8, (2020), s.143104-143113
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1109/access.2020.3013985
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