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Experiences and Challenges in Fatality Reduction on Polish Roads


According to the UN, road safety is the key to achieving sustainable development goals, yet the complexity of how road accidents happen makes this a difficult challenge leaving many countries struggling with the problem. For years, Poland has infamously been one of the EU’s top countries for road-accident fatality rates. Despite that, it has made significant progress in the last thirty years with a fatality reduction of more than 60%. A number of factors have contributed to this result: improving the socioeconomic situation, improving road safety measures, changing road user behaviour and changing national road safety programmes. This article presents Poland’s approach to road safety and, in particular, Vision Zero, adopted in 2005. Poland’s road safety changed over the years as the country learned from its successes and failures. Tools for forecasting fatalities were developed and used to identify the main factors that have helped to reduce deaths. An assessment was conducted on how Poland could implement Vision Zero until 2050 under different road safety scenarios. It was found that in order to achieve the EU’s goal for 2030, Poland must reduce fatalities to 1200. While it is an ambitious goal, it is also an important step towards zero fatalities in 2050.


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Sustainability nr 11, wydanie 959, strony 1 - 32,
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Jamroz K., Budzyński M., Romanowska A., Żukowska J., Oskarbski J., Kustra W.: Experiences and Challenges in Fatality Reduction on Polish Roads// Sustainability. -Vol. 11, iss. 959 (2019), s.1-32
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.3390/su11040959
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