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Explanation of Reduction of Pressure Forces in Turbine Chamber Seals


The paper describes a chamber seal reducing the aerodynamic forces created in shroud seals. Asymmetrical pressure distribution (due to rotor-stator eccentricity) in the blade tip clearance leads to the creation of pressure forces acting on the blade shroud. By increasing the volume above the shroud, the pressure distribution becomes more uniform on the whole shroud circumference and the effect of rotor eccentricity is reduced. It can be easily performed by introducing an extra chamber to the typical turbine blade seals. The circumferential flows in the chamber result in the decrease in the pressure differences and finally in the decrease in aerodynamic forces acting on the whole turbine rotor. A great deal of experimental and numerical research has been carried out to achieve a better explanation of the flow phenomenon and principle of operation of the chamber seals for different types of blade shrouds. The results with the appropriate comments and explanations are presented in the paper. The investigations were carried out for different types of shrouds, various shapes and dimensions of the chambers, and for different turbine working conditions. The proposed chamber seal can remarkably reduce aerodynamic forces generated in the labyrinth type shroud seals, sometimes even by more than 60%.

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Opublikowano w:
Advances in Vibration Engineering nr 2, strony 517 - 528,
ISSN: 0972-5768
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Kosowski K., Stępień R.: Explanation of Reduction of Pressure Forces in Turbine Chamber Seals// Advances in Vibration Engineering. -Vol. 2, nr. 6 (2014), s.517-528
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