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Frequency and phase analysis of daily reprocessed solutions from selected EPN stations relating to geological phenomena,


The main assumption of this research was to check and verify the behaviour of a few EPN (European Permanent Network) stations on both sides of the Teisseyre-Tornquist zone (T-T zone), which is located on Polish territory and crosses Poland almost in half. The selected EPN stations’ time series were a subject of frequency and phase analysis. The main purpose of the research was to verify if there is any correspondence between stations located on one and on the other side of the T-T zone. The idea was also to check if any geological phenomena occurs on examined stations through the behaviour of the stations. The chosen period of research was between 2003 and 2008. The stations’ selection is not coincidental, VLNS, LAMA, BOGO, JOZE, BOR1 and WROC were chosen, because they had the longest and constant solutions provided by EPN.

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  • Zdjęcie użytkownika dr inż. Paweł Kamiński

    Paweł Kamiński dr inż.

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  • Zdjęcie użytkownika prof. dr hab. inż. Mariusz Figurski

    Mariusz Figurski prof. dr hab. inż.

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Opublikowano w:
Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia nr 7, strony 281 - 293,
ISSN: 1214-9705
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Opis bibliograficzny:
Kamiński P., Figurski M., Szafranek K., Kroszczyński K.: Frequency and phase analysis of daily reprocessed solutions from selected EPN stations relating to geological phenomena,// Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia. -Vol. 7, nr. 3 (159) (2010), s.281-293
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