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Gender, equality, science and information systems


In the entire Europe more women than men graduate from tertiary education institutes1. However, they are underrepresented in scientific and engineering disciplines. Women researchers still constitute a minority in the Government and Higher Education Sectors that both are related to power. A number of industry reports highlight a low number of women in IT occupations2. The EU Member States have, on political levels, committed themselves to equal treatment and fighting of discrimination. Many more steps must be undertaken to bridge the gender digital divide. Digital Divide is closely related to the terms of under-representation or disproportional representation. Since first discussions on equitableinformation society that needs to become a sustainable knowledge society, the barrier has emerged: the concern of digital divide's existence, various differences in effective adoption and usage of Information and Communication Technologies between social groups and nations. Can objectives of inclusiveness, fairness and justice be achieved in this world of inequality?

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Szczerbicki E., Łapniewska Z.: Gender, equality, science and information systems// IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet.. -Vol. 6., nr. iss. 1 (2008), s.20-28
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