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Graph security testing


Set S ⊂ V is called secure set iff ∀ X ⊂ S | N [ X ] ∩ S | ≥ | N ( X ) \ S | [3]. That means that every subset of a secure set has at least as many friends (neighbour vertices in S) as enemies (neighbour vertices outside S) and will be defended in case of attack. Problem of determining if given set is secure is co −NP -complete, there is no efficient algorithm solving it [3]. Property testers are algorithms that distinguish inputs with a given property from those that are far from satisfying the property [6]. Property testers are allowed to be probabilistic and approximate in exchange for much reduced complexity. In our work we apply the idea of testing to construct probabilistic and approximate algorithms for graph security problems that run in polynomial time. Our goal was to formalize the testing model and propose various approaches for security testing and general methods of rating them. We take into account possibilities of practical application, algorithm complexity and quality of the approximation.

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Opublikowano w:
Journal of Applied Computer Science nr 23, strony 29 - 45,
ISSN: 1507-0360
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Gieniusz T., Lewoń R., Małafiejski M.: Graph security testing// Journal of Applied Computer Science. -Vol. 23., nr. 1 (2015), s.29-45
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