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Historical carpentry corner log joints—Numerical analysis within stochastic framework


The paper presents the results of numerical analysis performed on historical, traditional carpentry corner logjoints of two basic topologies: the short-corner dovetail connection and the saddle notch connection. These types of carpentry joints are commonly used in currently preserved objects of wooden architecture. All connections have been modelled in pinewood, which has been defined in the Finite Element software MSC.Marc/Mentat as an orthotropic material. The numerical calculations have been carried out for two types of connections with two different boundary conditions and load types. The contact phenomenon between the individual elements of theconnections has been taken into account. The main purpose of the research is to select the most damage-resistanttype of connection and to determine the stress distributions on the contact surfaces, which demines the damageareas. However, a lot of uncertainties appear in the studied models, e.g. due to the natural variability of the material properties of wood and the uncertainty of friction coefficient. Therefore the uncertainty quantification and global sensitivity analysis has been performed in order to include these uncertainties and study their effect on variation of the mechanical response of the connections. A regression-based non-intrusive polynomial chaos expansion method has been employed to complete the task.The state-of-the-art knowledge about the damage-prone zones in the considered connections is immensely important since many wooden buildings, mostly historical, require maintenance, renovation and the reinforcement of existing, especially historical elements. On the contrary, there are not many results of related research published yet.


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Opublikowano w:
ENGINEERING STRUCTURES nr 176, strony 64 - 73,
ISSN: 0141-0296
Rok wydania:
Opis bibliograficzny:
Kłosowski P., Lubowiecka I., Pestka A., Szepietowska K.: Historical carpentry corner log joints—Numerical analysis within stochastic framework// ENGINEERING STRUCTURES. -Vol. 176, (2018), s.64-73
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1016/j.engstruct.2018.08.095
Źródła finansowania:
  • the subsidyfor development of young scientists given by the Faculty of Civil andEnvironmental Engineering, Gdańsk University of Technology
  • Działalność statusowa
  • 2015/17/B/ST8/03260
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