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Hybrid model of geared rotor system


In the paper a hybrid model of a geared multirotor system has been developed. The model is obtained by application of both the modal decomposition methodology and the spatial discretization method. Reduced modal model was constructed for the system without gyroscopic and damping effects. The gyroscopic interaction, damping and other phenomena which are difficult to include in the modal approach were modeled by application of simply lumping technique. Such approach enables to obtain accurate, low order model of geared rotor system with coupled bending and torsional vibrations. In the model it is possible to include nonproportional or nonlinear damping. Obtained hybrid model has been compared with high order FEM model. Simulation results prove that proposed method of modeling is efficient and relatively easy to use.

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Diagnostyka nr 14, strony 17 - 22,
ISSN: 1641-6414
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Hein R., Orlikowski C.: Hybrid model of geared rotor system// Diagnostyka. -Vol. 14., iss. 2 (2013), s.17-22
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