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Impact of adverse winter weather on traffic flow


The paper aims to analyse the impact of adverse weather in winter on traffic flow using data from a dual carriageway section of an express road located in Gdansk. For the purposes of the analysis, traffic and meteorological data were collected for a period of 15 months in 2014-2015 and aggregated to 5 minutes intervals. The impact of winter weather conditions on traffic flow was assessed by comparing aggregated traffic stream parameters in good and adverse weather and lighting conditions. It was found that both precipitation, road surface condition, visibility and lighting conditions occurring in winter impact free-flow speed and average speed of traffic flow. The highest impact can be recognized for adverse winter weather conditions (snowfall, slippery road surface), when the average speed and free-flow speed drop by 15 and 10 km/h respectively, when referred to normal winter conditions (no precipitation, dry road surface). It was also found that in adverse winter weather the average speed is lower for the whole range of observed traffic volumes, which translates into higher densities and worse traffic conditions, when compared to the same volumes in normal conditions. The results of the work will produce input to Polish capacity estimation and a traffic conditions assessment method for uninterrupted flow facilities.

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publikacja w wydawnictwie zbiorowym recenzowanym (także w materiałach konferencyjnych)
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XVth International Winter Road Congress strony 1 - 17
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Romanowska A., Kustra W., Jamroz K.: Impact of adverse winter weather on traffic flow// XVth International Winter Road Congress/ : , 2018, s.1-17
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