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Integrated monitoring, control and security of Critical Infrastructure Systems


Modern societies have reached a point where everyday life relies heavily on desired operation of critical infrastructures, in spite of accidental failures and/or deliberate attacks. The issue of desired performance operation of CIS at high security level receives considerable attention worldwide. The pioneering generic methodologies and methods are presented in the paper project for designing systems capable of achieving these objectives in the cost effective manner at existing CIS and also in the future. A control systems engineering approach to integrated monitoring, control and security of critical infrastructure systems (CIS) is applied. A multilayer structure for an intelligent autonomous reconfigurable agent operating within a single region of a CIS is derived first. Methods and algorithms for synthesising the layers are proposed so that the agent can autonomously perform required control activities under wide range of operating conditions. The required ability of the system to meet the desired operational objectives under a wide range of the operating conditions is achieved by supervised reconfiguration of the agents. Recently proposed robustly feasible model predictive control technology with soft switching mechanisms between different control strategies is applied to implement the soft and robustly feasible agent reconfiguration, which is adequate to current operational conditions. Next developing the multiagent structures, which are suitable for monitoring, control and security of an overall CIS is discussed. It is based on the distributed structuring the agent layers. The proposals are illustrated by applications to the integrated wastewater treatment case-study system and drinking water distribution system.


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ANNUAL REVIEWS IN CONTROL nr 38, wydanie 1, strony 47 - 70,
ISSN: 1367-5788
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Brdyś M.: Integrated monitoring, control and security of Critical Infrastructure Systems// ANNUAL REVIEWS IN CONTROL. -Vol. 38, iss. 1 (2014), s.47-70
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1016/j.arcontrol.2014.03.006
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