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Integration of Lean Management with ISO Management Systems in Enterprise


Lean manufacturing [LM], quality management system and environmental management system are clear initiatives with a goal of improving effectiveness and efficiencies of organizations. Many organisations tackle lean philosophy, ISO standards individually but this kind of attempt do not focus on the synergy and the advantage from the potential collaboration. This paper aims to present the possibility of integration Lean Management concept with ISO management systems – Quality Management System [QMS] ISO 9001and Environmental Management System [EMS] ISO 14001 already implemented in the enterprises. The integration of these three concepts can be obtain due to improvement of main KPI’s defined in the organization. Based on critical research literature and participant observation presented as a case study (one of the author of the paper works as a consultant and is being implemented Lean Manufacturing concept in different organization since ten years) authors defined concept of integration of EMS and QMS (already implemented in the organization) with chosen Lean Management tools. Concept has been developed based on literature analysis and experience of the authors. Results and summary from concept implementation has been described in last chapter of the paper.


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Opublikowano w:
Management and Production Engineering Review strony 100 - 108,
ISSN: 2080-8208
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Wirkus M., Chmielarz A.: Integration of Lean Manufacturing with ISO Management Systems in Enterprise// Management and Production Engineering Review. -Vol. 9., nr. 3 (2018), s.100-108
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