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Low-coherence method of hematocrit measurement


During the last thirty years low-coherence measurement methods have gained popularity because of their unique advantages. Low-coherence interferometry, low-coherence reflectometry and low-coherence optical tomography offer resolution and dynamic range of measurement at the range of classical optical techniques. Moreover, they enable measurements of the absolute value of the optical path differences, which is still an unsolved problem in high-coherence interferometry. Furthermore, the use of the spectral signal processing makes this method immune for any change of the optical system transmission. In this article the low-coherence method of a hematocrit measurement has been presented. Elaborated measurement method has many advantages: relatively simple configuration, potentially low cost and high resolution. Investigation of this method confirms its ability to determine the hematocrit value with appropriate measurement accuracy. Furthermore, results of experimental works have shown that the application of the fiber-optic low-coherent interferometry can become in the future an effective base of method of the in-vivo hematocrit measurement.

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Jędrzejewska-Szczerska M., Gnyba M., Kruczkowski M.: Low-coherence method of hematocrit measurement// Proceedings of the Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, Szczecin, 19-21 września 2011/ : , 2011, s.387-391
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