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Metal-Organic Framework (MOF)/Epoxy Coatings: A Review


Epoxy coatings are developing fast in order to meet the requirements of advanced materials and systems. Progress in nanomaterial science and technology has opened a new era of engineering for tailoring the bulk and surface properties of organic coatings, e.g., adhesion to the substrate, anti-corrosion, mechanical, flame-retardant, and self-healing characteristics. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), a subclass of coordinative polymers with porous microstructures, have been widely synthesized in recent years and applied in gas and energy storage, separation, sensing, environmental science and technology, and medicine. Nevertheless, less attention has been paid to their performance in coatings. Well-known as micro- and nanoporous materials, with a tailorable structure consisting of metal ions and organic linkers, MOFs have a huge loading capacity, which is essential for the delivery of corrosion inhibitors. This review paper attempts to highlight the importance of epoxy/MOF composites for coating applications. A particular emphasis was explicitly placed on the anti-corrosion, flame-retardant, mechanical, and dielectric properties of epoxy/MOF coatings.


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Materials nr 13,
ISSN: 1996-1944
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Seidi F., Jouyandeh M., Taghizadeh M., Taghizadeh A., Vahabi H., Habibzadeh S., Formela K., Saeb M.: Metal-Organic Framework (MOF)/Epoxy Coatings: A Review// Materials -Vol. 13,iss. 12 (2020), s.2881-
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.3390/ma13122881
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