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Method of managing drill cuttings from shale gas formations


Proposed management method of drill cuttings involves recycling for the expanded clay production. A theoretical presentation of the possibility, choosing planning path based on similarity between the materials used in the manufacture of expanded clay and oily cuttings. Application for the main stages of manufacture of expanded clay production of drill cuttings from shale gas extraction. Introduced into circulation solid waste partly replaces fossil feedstock base, eliminating the application of other raw materials. This approach leads to quality improvement of the final product. The results enable the development of new technologies, bringing benefits in terms of environmental protection and waste-producing operators. Since all kinds of expanded clay are used in construction material as insulation granules for flat roofs and foundation walls as thermal and acoustic insulation, it is expected that a large part of the waste drill cuttings, will be managed for this purpose.

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Piszcz K., Ptaszyńska A., Hupka J.: Method of managing drill cuttings from shale gas formations// / : , 2013, s.137-142
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