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Modeling and MANOVA studies on toxicity and endocrine potential of packaging materials exposed to different extraction schemes


The stability of the linings of packaging that is in contact with the goods stored has been of major concern during decades of the development of packaging materials. In this work, an attempt was undertaken to assess the applicability of using two bioassays (Microtox® and XenoScreen YES/YAS) in estimating the stability of packaging (cans, caps, multilayer material) and the impact of their degradation on the toxicity of some simulated media. The assessment of the impact of packaging storage conditions (temperature, disinfection, preservation, extracting and washing solvents) was planned and performed with i) regression modeling of the experimental effects on the ecotoxicity readings, ii) ANOVA and MANOVA estimation of the experimental conditions as significant factors affecting the toxicity results and iii) FTIR analysis of the packages. It is shown that the effects of temperature and extraction solvents could be quantitatively assessed by the agreement between all methods applied. It can be stated that temperature and acidity as well as the alcohol content in the sensitive media have the greatest impact on the toxicity of the extract and thus on the stability of the internal lining and the extractability of xenobiotics.


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Opublikowano w:
ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH nr 165, strony 294 - 305,
ISSN: 0013-9351
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Szczepańska N., Kudłak B., Tsakovski S., Yotova G., Nedyalkova M., Simeonov, V., Dołęga A., Namieśnik J.: Modeling and MANOVA studies on toxicity and endocrine potential of packaging materials exposed to different extraction schemes// ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH. -Vol. 165, (2018), s.294-305
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1016/j.envres.2018.05.004
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  1. instrumental methodologies, ii) need of performing studies with certifies 694 organisms from different trophic levels, iii) lack of sufficient number of correlation studies to explain 695 observed toxicological responses under different extraction conditions, iv) involving time-tested and 696 sometimes highly qualified personnel to perform instrumental, biological and chemometric studies. otwiera się w nowej karcie
  2. In any case, the performance of future work is indispensable to i) identify the chemicals 698 responsible for observable toxicological levels (currently being performed in many scientific centers 699 and laboratories including those of the authors), ii) assess the applicability of other bioassays as 700 presented in the methodology of this research, iii) construct a battery of bioassays enabling exposure 701 and degradation assessment for different types of packages and FCM, being at the same time 702 complementary and universal for various treatment regimes, iv) propose international standards on 703 the application of certified bioassays as recognized tools in the assessment of exposure to pollutants 704 migrating from and created within FCMs, and v) comprehensively estimate (with classical and 705 biological tools) the impact of packaging material wastes reaching different environmental niches 706 after being used by households and industry, as they pose a serious source of small molecules and 707 otwiera się w nowej karcie
  3. The work has been co-financed by the National Science Center, Poland, grant no. 711 2015/17/N/ST4/03835. The support of H2020 program of the European Union (project Materials 712 Networking) is gratefully acknowledged by prof. V. Simeonov, prof. S. Tsakovski, Dr. M. Nedyalkova 713 and Dr. G. Yotova. 714 715 References: otwiera się w nowej karcie
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