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New Peptide Based Fluconazole Conjugates with Expanded Molecular Targets


Infections of Candida spp. etiology are frequently treated with azole drugs. Among azoles, the most widely used in the clinical scenario remains fluconazole (FLC). Promising results in treatment of dangerous, systemic Candida infections demonstrate the advantages of combined therapies carried out with combinations of at least two different antifungal agents. Here, we report five conjugates composed of covalently linked FLC and cell penetrating or antimicrobial peptide: TP10-7-NH2, TP10-NH2, LFcinB(2-11)-NH2, LFcinB[Nle1,11]-NH2, and HLopt2-NH2, with aspects of design, chemical synthesis and their biological activities. Two of these compounds, namely FLCpOH-TP10-NH2 and FLCpOH-TP10-7-NH2, exhibit high activity against reference strains and fluconazole-resistant clinical isolates of C. albicans, including strains overproducing drug transporters. Moreover, both of them demonstrate higher fungicidal effects compared to fluconazole. Analysis performed with fluorescence and scanning electron microscopy as well as flow cytometry indicated the cell membrane as a molecular target of synthesized conjugates. An important advantage of FLCpOH-TP10-NH2 and FLCpOH-TP10-7-NH2 is their low cytotoxicity. The IC90 value for the human cells after 72 h treatment was comparable to the MIC50 value after 24 h treatment for most strains of C. albicans. In reported conjugates, FLC was linked to the peptide by its hydroxyl group. It is worth noting that conjugation of FLC by the nitrogen atom of the triazole ring led to practically inactive compounds. Two compounds produced by us and reported herein appear to be potential candidates for novel antifungal agents.


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Opublikowano w:
Pharmaceutics nr 14,
ISSN: 1999-4923
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Brankiewicz W., Okońska J., Serbakowska K., Lica J., Drab M., Ptaszyńska N., Łęgowska A., Rolka K., Szweda P.: New Peptide Based Fluconazole Conjugates with Expanded Molecular Targets// Pharmaceutics -Vol. 14,iss. 4 (2022), s.1-18
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.3390/pharmaceutics14040693
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