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Noise emitted by SKM Trains in Gdansk


High intensity traffic of SKM trains in Gdansk carries a significant level of noise emission. SKM line runs through the central part of the city and therefore in the vicinity of residential areas and recreational facilities. This research was planned and performed to find out what was the real noise emission of SKM trains and to determine whether the measurement noise values are within allowed limits. Individual acoustic events were measured using the sound level meter and the average of noise levels was calculated. The measured noise levels at all test points were about 4–12 dB above the allowed noise limits.

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Opublikowano w:
Logistyka strony 4771 - 4776,
ISSN: 1231-5478
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Owczarzak W., Sommer S., Mioduszewski P.: Noise emitted by SKM Trains in Gdansk// Logistyka. -., nr. 04 (2014), s.4771-4776
Politechnika Gdańska

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