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Ontology clustering by directions algorithm to expand ontology queries


This paper concerns formulating ontology queries. It describes existing languages in which ontologies can be queried. It focuses on languages which are intended to be easily understood by users who are willing to retrieve information from ontologies. Such a language can be, for example, a type of controlled natural language (CNL). In this paper a novel algorithm called Ontology Clustering by Directions is presented. The algorithm is designed to support users in formulating ontology queries. It shows different possibilities of revising the query. The algorithm is based on a new type of Vector Space Model designed to facilitate querying ontologies. The results of the algorithm are sets of terms which can be used in formulating queries. These terms are presented in a form of a tag cloud. The tag cloud used in the algorithm shows various possibilities of modifying queries and it indicates different importance of terms.

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Kaczmarek A.: Ontology clustering by directions algorithm to expand ontology queries// Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA 09); 8-11 September 2009, Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales, UK/ ed. eds. Stuart Cunningham, Vic Grout, Nigel Houlden [at al.]. Centre for Applied Internet Research (CAIR). Wielka Brytania: Glyndwr University, 2009, s.86-95
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