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PCR detection of Scopulariopsis brevicaulis


Scopulariopsis brevicaulis is known as a most common etiological factor of the mould toenail infections. There are also reports indicating that S. brevicaulis could cause organ and disseminated infections. Nowadays microscopic observations from the direct sample and culture are crucial for the appropriate recognition of the infection. In this paper is presented a PCR-based method for S. brevicaulis detection. The specificity of the reaction was confirmed, as positive results were obtained only for tested S. brevicaulis isolates and no positive results were obtained for other moulds, dermatophytes, yeast-like fungi, and human DNA.

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Opublikowano w:
Polish Journal of Microbiology nr 64, strony 65 - 68,
ISSN: 1733-1331
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Kordalewska M., Brillowska-Dąbrowska A.: PCR detection of Scopulariopsis brevicaulis// Polish Journal of Microbiology. -Vol. 64, nr. 1 (2015), s.65-68
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