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Photocatalytic Decomposition of Air Pollutants using Electrodeposited Photocatalysts on Stainless Steel


The aim of research was to develop an immobilization method for photocatalysts, which is an alternative to the sol-gel or dip coating methods and can be simply scaled up for technical applications. The investigated photocatalyst was TiO2, which was electrochemically deposited onto a cathode made of stainless steel. This deposited film was photocatalytically active. In order to enhance the photoactivity of the TiO2 film, commercially available P25 photocatalyst nanoparticles were occluded into the film. The effect of deposition current density as well as the amount of occluded nanoparticles on the photocatalytic activity and photoelectrochemical behavior was investigated. The photocatalytic activity was evaluated in an UV-LED reactor. The decomposition rate of toluene and cyclohexane in air was examined for all prepared stainless steel-photocatalyst composites. It was observed that deposits prepared with 5 g dm-3 of P25 in the deposition bath showed the best photocatalytic activity and highest photocurrent.


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ISSN: 1230-1485
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Haenel A., Janczarek M., Lieder M., Hupka J.: Photocatalytic Decomposition of Air Pollutants using Electrodeposited Photocatalysts on Stainless Steel// POLISH JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES. -Vol. 28, nr. 3 (2019), s.1157-1164
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.15244/pjoes/81558
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