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Phytoextraction and recovery of rare earth elements using willow (Salix spp.)


Soil and water contaminations are caused by rare earth elements (REEs) due to mining and industrial activities, that threaten the ecosystem and human health. Therefore, phytoremediation methods need to be developed to overcome this problem. To date, little research has been conducted concerning the phytoremediation potential of Salix for REEs. In this study, two Salix species (Salix myrsinifolia and Salix schwerinii) and two Salix cultivars (Klara and Karin) were hydroponically exposed to different concentrations of six–REE for 4 weeks. The treatments were: T1 (Control: tap water), T2 (La: 50 mg/L) and T3 (La 11.50 + Y 11 + Nd 10.50 + Dy 10 + Ce 12 and Tb 11.50 in mg L−1). The effects of the REE on Salix growth indicators (height, biomass, shoot diameter and root length), concentrations of REE in the produced biomass, and accumulation of REE in different parts of the Salix (stem, root, and leaf) tissues, were determined. In addition, the retention of REE in ashes following Salix combustion (800 and 1000 °C) was determined. The result indicates that with La and REE exposure, the height growth, dry biomass, shoot diameter and root length of all Salix remained equivalent to the control treatment excluding Klara, which displayed relatively higher growth in all parameters. Further, among the REE studied, the highest La concentration (8404 μg g−1 DW) and La accumulation (10,548 μg plant−1) were observed in Karin and Klara root respectively. Translocations and bioconcentration factors were discovered at <1 for all Salix, which indicates their phytostabilization potential. The total REE concentrations in bottom ashes varied between 7 and 8% with retention rates between 85 and 89%. This study demonstrates that Salix are suitable candidates for REE phytostabilization and the remediation of wastewater sites to limit metals percolating to the water layers in the ecosystem.


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ISSN: 0048-9697
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Mohsin M., Salam M. M. A., Nawrot N., Lane D. J., Wojciechowska E., Kinnunen N., Heimonen M., Tervahauta A., Peräniemi S., Sippula O., Pappinen A., Kuittinen S.: Phytoextraction and recovery of rare earth elements using willow (Salix spp.)// SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT -,iss. 809 (2021),
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.152209
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