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Property sustainable value versus highest and best use analyzes


This article proposes the possibility of applying fuzzy logic theory to perform the tasks of determining the market value of agricultural lands. These tasks are of a multi‐criteria character, as multiple factors are taken into consideration during the land value valuation process. The market value of agricultural land plots, calculated using fuzzy logic methods, can provide a basis for further use in the processes that are directly related to their turnover, that is, during auctioning, setting of a land tax, determining of the value of pawn in the land bank. Methodic approach to the determination of the market value of agricultural lands with the application of the methods of fuzzy logic and the package Fuzzy Logic Toolbox of the computing system Matlab is universal. It can be used for assessment of the value of a land plot with any number of indices, having no crisp mathematic model. The proposed method is particularly useful for countries where the agricultural real estate market is still in its early stages of development and will contribute to making it more transparent and thus it can be a significant tool supporting the sustainable development of the agricultural real estate market. Agricultural land market is a vital ingredient of the system for sustainable development of rural areas.


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Opublikowano w:
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT nr 28, strony 1755 - 1772,
ISSN: 0968-0802
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Walacik M., Renigier‐biłozor M., Chmielewska A., Janowski A.: Property sustainable value versus highest and best use analyzes// SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT -Vol. 28,iss. 6 (2020), s.1755-1772
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1002/sd.2122
Politechnika Gdańska

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